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The Touareg

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Luxury as standard

The Touareg brings a breath of fresh air to the streets and the unexplored paths in between. Innovations such as the electromechanical roll stabilisation as part of air suspension, matrix LED headlights and the Innovision Cockpit add optional enhancements to the varied experience of driving this SUV.


Innovision Cockpit image

Innovision Cockpit

The control centre with no switches

The digital instrument bundle and the screen of the infotainment system form one curved glass surface: the optional Innovision Cockpit.

  • Operated by touch, gestures or voice control
  • Displays functions in graphics and animations
  • Home screen content can be customised
  • Selected displays can be enlarged
  • Offers control of navigation system and infotainment via smartphone or tablet
Digital Cockpit image

Digital Cockpit

See only the information that you want to see

Classic speedometer or high-resolution navigation map? Or why not both? The optional Digital Cockpit makes this a reality:

  • High-resolution 31 cm (12.3 inch) TFT colour display
  • Various views can be configured
  • Access detailed driving data via the multi-function steering wheel or infotainment system
  • Optical 3D display of the driver assist systems
  • Targeted zoom for the navigation map
  • Full-screen overlays of selected information
  • Navigation map and media displays can be combined
Head-up Display image

Head-up Display

Your eyes stay on the road

The optional Head-up Display (HUD) display uses the windscreen as a projection surface to display the most important information.

Shows the speed, messages from the driver assist systems or navigation information

  •  Easy-to-read projections, even when driving into light
  • Position on the window can be adjusted
  • Can be switched off at any time

Driving experience

Air suspension image

Air suspension

Stay level

In the Touareg, you decide for yourself what you want your driving experience to be like. Depending on the driving mode, the optional air suspension lifts the vehicle to a ground clearance of 258 mm. The rear of the vehicle can also be lowered by 50 mm for convenient loading or unloading.

Off-road Package image

Off-road Package

Excel, even on difficult terrain

Experience the qualities of the Touareg off-road with the optional Offroad bundle. Alongside seven standard driving modes, GRAVEL and SAND can also be used to adapt the engine and gear settings to the conditions. The following features also ensure that the Touareg excels off-road:

  • Greater protection for the radiator, battery, underbody and fuel tank
  • The larger tank holds up to 90 litres of fuel
  • Two towing eyes for other vehicles are provided
  • The standard 4MOTION all-wheel drive moves each wheel independently
Active roll stabilisation  image

Active roll stabilisation

Responsive steering, stable cornering

Active stabilisers1 on the front and rear axle reduce the lateral tilt when cornering. They are electromechanical rather than hydraulic. The Touareg thus responds sensitively to steering, even at low speeds. The optional system prevents understeer during more dynamic cornering: the front wheels push the vehicle less forcefully into the outer edge of the bend.

1 Only in conjunction with optional adaptive chassis

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IQ.Light - matrix LED headlights image
IQ.Light - matrix LED headlights

Dynamic look with no dazzling

Whether you are driving in the city, on country roads in the evening or on the motorway in bad weather: the IQ.LIGHT – matrix LED headlights, standard on Touareg Design, adapt the intensity and range of the LED segments to the changing traffic situations. ‘Dynamic Light Assist’ ensures that other road users are not dazzled, even with the active main beam. Roads are better illuminated and distracting reflections from lit-up signs are prevented. Meaning that your Touareg can really shine in the best sense of the word.

Exterior design image
Exterior design

Perfect outline

With its visual highlights, the Touareg is a wonderfully expressive sight, even for an SUV:

  • Chrome fins across the entire front
  • LED headlights with LED daytime running lights
  • Gloss black roof spoiler
  • Tail light clusters with LED technology and dynamic turn signals1

1 In conjunction with optional IQ.LIGHT – matrix LED headlights

'Black Style' design package image
'Black Style' design package

Blackout style

With the optional ‘Black Style’ design package1, you can take the R-Line look even further:

  • Bumper in ‘R’ styling in car colour
  • Lower door sections in car colour
  • Air intakes with fins in black
  • Mirror covers with black paintwork
  • Black gloss trim strips on side windows

1 Only for the optional R-Line package2 or the ‘Atmosphere3’ and ‘Elegance3’ design packages
2 Only in combination with the ‘Savona’ leather package for R-Line or ‘Vienna’ for R-Line, Volkswagen R alloy wheels and headliner in Soul Black
3 Only in combination with ‘Savona’ or ‘Vienna’ leather package and optional alloy wheels

Panoramic sunroof image
Panoramic sunroof

The sky’s the limit

Huge dimensions for big impressions: the optional tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof covers almost the entire roof and offers even passengers in the back a glimpse of the sky. A little extra fresh air? At the touch of a button, the front half of the roof can be put up or slid entirely over the rear half.

Wheels image

Perfect style: the wheel range

Which wheels will suit your Touareg best? It’s a matter of opinion, and it’s all up to you. That’s why we offer you an attractive range of alloy wheels that you can use to personalise your Touareg.

Decorative Trims image
Decorative Trims

Enhance your interior

The following decorative trims and design packages can be selected for a harmonious interior atmosphere:

  • ‘Elegance’ design package with decorative trim in ‘aluminium 450, brushed’
  • R-Line package with ‘Silver Wave’ aluminium decorative trim
  • ‘Open-pore walnut’ and ‘Silver Birch’ decorative trims made of high-grade wood that echoes the shapes, in conjunction with the ‘Atmosphere’ or ‘Elegance’ design packages

Introducing the new
Touareg eHybrid PHEV


Join forces.
Save fuel.

The Touareg eHybrid PHEV is a plug-in hybrid with an electric motor and TSI petrol engine. For added efficiency, driving starts in the locally CO2-neutral and low-noise e-mode, in which only the electric motor is running. Then the hybrid mode is activated via the driving profile selection in order to combine the combustion engine and electric motor. Let your Touareg optimally coordinate the two engines and drive efficiently over longer distances.

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Data Protection Statement

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