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The New Tiguan

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For all life's journeys. The new Tiguan.

Life is varied and full of surprises. The new Tiguan helps you to confidently tackle almost any challenge thanks to its extensive and innovative equipment features. It captivates with a design that is both emotional and dynamic in equal measure.

Highlights of the new Tiguan


Impressive. From every angle. image

Impressive. From every angle.

With its sporty and striking design, the new Tiguan leaves no room for doubt: this is an SUV that is ready for whatever everyday life brings. Its new silhouette is characterised by powerful proportions and dynamic lines. Progressive design highlights such as newly crafted front section with optional IQ.LIGHT HD matrix headlights, the muscular rear section with LED light strip and a selection of new wheel rims underscore its superiority. In short, the new Tiguan impresses in every respect.

Get in and leave everyday life behind image

Get in and leave everyday life behind

The new Tiguan welcomes you at a whole new level. And we don’t just mean its high-quality interior, but also its multifunction steering wheel with haptic keys, the centre console with new functions, the optional Discover Pro Max navigation system with 15 inch infotainment display and the integrated tablet holder in the centre armrest of the second row of seats. And not forgetting the background lighting, which comes optionally with up to 30 colours, as well as illuminated decorative elements on the dash panel and front doors. The successful combination of progress and comfort: the new Tiguan.

Totally inspiring image
Totally inspiring

The innovative IQ.LIGHT HD matrix headlights on the new Tiguan delight even when at a standstill with more than 19,000 individually controlled LEDs – and also include a welcome & goodbye light projection before and after every journey. Light strips on the radiator grille and rear, a dynamic turn signal, area lighting with motif projected laterally from the side mirrors and illuminated door handles impressively complement its signature light.

Enjoy a noticeably improved night-time driving experience. In addition, your Tiguan can project markings onto the roadway, which help you when driving through narrow roads or on the motorway, and improve visibility. 

New driving experience at the press of a button image
New driving experience at the press of a button

Switch from sport to comfort and back in an instant? It couldn’t be easier with the driving experience switch in the new Tiguan. Thanks to the new atmospheres, a touch of a button is all it takes to adapt even multiple settings at the same time – from the right background lighting to music playback to air conditioning.

As if you had just switched your Volkswagen while driving.

Drives well and parks itself

Park Assist Plus
Your Volkswagen with optional Park Assist Plus can not only tell you whether a parking space is big enough as you drive by – it also parks for you.

Up to a speed of 40 km/h, Park Assist Plus permanently searches for suitable parallel parking spaces. Up to a speed of 20 km/h, it also searches for parking bays. Once you have decided on one of the parking spaces found, you start the parking process. Park Assist Plus can carry out the parking manoeuvre for you. It takes over both the steering and acceleration and braking. You only have to monitor the parking process and intervene if necessary.

But Park Assist Plus can do even more. It can also drive out of a parallel parking space and can help you with a failed parking manoeuvre by completing the process for you.

Memory function for Park Assist 
Park Assist can be extended optionally by the memory function. This means you can now also teach your Volkswagen very individual parking manoeuvres. For example, to park in a carport or garage. You only have to park your Volkswagen once and save the parking process. Afterwards, your Volkswagen can repeat the learned parking manoeuvre on its own any number of times. All you have to do is monitor the process. You can train and save up to five parking manoeuvres.

Park Assist Pro
Park Assist Pro not only offers all the advantages of Park Assist Plus, it also allows you to control the process of driving in and out of the parking space from your smartphone. You just need to install the Park Assist Pro app on your smartphone.

Once your Volkswagen finds a suitable parking space, you can get out of the car and start the parking process from outside via your smartphone. 
You can also control the process of driving out of a parking space remotely and no longer need to squeeze into tight spaces when getting into the car. 


Colours define spaces image

Colours define spaces

Depending on the equipment, you can gently illuminate the interior of the new Tiguan with just a tap of the finger – and choose from up to 30 colours. Multiple light strips and illuminated decorative elements allow you to create a personalised lighting atmosphere. Special highlights include the illuminated R-Line logo or illuminated Tiguan lettering on the dash panel according to the equipment line.

Expand your horizons image

Expand your horizons

The optional electric tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof is a real eye-catcher. Thanks to its enormous glass surface, it bathes all passengers in more light and offers an unrestricted view of the sky. Its electric roller sunshade provides protection from excessive sunlight. Would you like some fresh air? The front half of the sunroof can optionally be tilted or extends fully backwards.

Technical Functions

Drive in your own personal style image

Drive in your own personal style

No matter whether you like sporty or comfortable driving: The optional DCC Pro adaptive chassis control system gives you the option of adjusting the chassis to suit your needs. The electronically controlled shock absorbers with innovative 2-valve technology react in milliseconds to the road surface and the driving situation and automatically adjust the damping behaviour. The 2-valve technology enables very precise control behaviour for a high level of comfort and dynamic performance. With DCC Pro, you can choose from various driving profiles such as Comfort, Sport or Individual. In the Individual driving profile, you can use a slider to make your individual settings. The driving dynamics manager included in the driving profile selection additionally improves driving behaviour for more driving pleasure and precision.

Manoeuvre with ease. Even with a large trailer. image

Manoeuvre with ease. Even with a large trailer.

The new Tiguan can tow up to 2.3 tonnes, for example a camping or horse trailer. The optional towing bracket is concealed under the rear and semi-automatically folds down when required at the press of a button. Since it’s not exactly easy to manoeuvre with a trailer, the optional Trailer Assist manoeuvring system can help. Incidentally, the towing bracket offers a general drawbar load of 100 kg and a drawbar load for wheel carriers of 75 kg, which is sure to please not only e-bike enthusiasts.

Always worth seeing image
Always worth seeing

Would you prefer just to see the speed and mileage display? Or maybe you’d like other journey-related data? Or a map of your route? Or the title of the track you’re listening to right now? Or a combination of all of these? It’s truly all in your hands: the right display in every situation. Configure your high-resolution 10.2 inch Digital Cockpit Pro yourself with ease, so that it’s exactly the way you want it.

At a glance. All of the important information. image
At a glance. All of the important information.

Being able to check important information while also keeping an eye on the road: this is a major advantage of the optional head-up display. Part of the windscreen becomes a projection surface that can display your speed, messages from your driver assist systems or navigation instructions. The projection itself is still clearly legible, even when light is shining directly onto the windscreen or the road is covered with snow. And you can switch off the display fully or partially at any time if you no longer need it.

Say “Hello” to ground-breaking entertainment image
Say “Hello” to ground-breaking entertainment


The Discover navigation system including Streaming & Internet  ensures intuitive navigation. As well as the optionally available Discover Pro Max navigation system including Streaming & Internet offers numerous additional extras that complete the infotainment experience

Say “Hello” to your Tiguan. image

Say “Hello” to your Tiguan.

The new optional IDA voice assistant allows you to conveniently operate the radio, telephone, your music, the optional three-zone air conditioning system and optional navigation unit with your voice. This also applies to other vehicle functions such as access to driver assist systems. For example, you can select the radio station or choose the address book entry or telephone number you’re looking for with your voice.

The voice assistant can be started with “Hello IDA”. It also understands free formulations from everyday life such as “I’m cold.” or “Where are there Japanese restaurants in Berlin?”. In addition, thanks to digital microphones, it now also recognises whether the driver or the passenger is speaking, in order, for example, to provide the air conditioning in the vehicle specifically to the person making the request.

The new IDA voice assistant will also appear visually to you in the future on the centre display, with interactions enabled via graphics. The optimised system also asks questions or lets itself be interrupted.

Intuitive calls. Inductive charging. image

Intuitive calls. Inductive charging.

Drive safely and make phone calls at the same time? The Comfort mobile phone interface gives you everything you need for this: the hands-free system has microphones in the roof console, while the internal speakers ensure high sound quality of the voice output. The front storage compartment also has an inductive charging function for wirelessly charging up to two Qi standard-compliant mobile phones simultaneously with a charging capacity of 15 W and device cooling. The connection to the external aerial is also ensured wirelessly to optimise the reception quality.


Tiguan Launch Edition image
Tiguan Launch Edition

Price incl. VAT: €48,295.00

Engine: 1 models found
Volume: 2L
Performance: 110kW
Fuel consumption: 5.3l/100km 1

Equipment Highlights:

- 4 alloy wheels "Venezia" 7J x 17, Black, diamond-turned surface 

- LED Plus headlamps

- Easy Open - sensor controlled luggage compartment opening and delayed electric closing, with remote unlocking

- Silver-anodized roof rails

- Air Care Climatronic 3 zone automatic climate control w/ allergen filter, enhanced air filter a. controls in rear

Tiguan Elegance image
Tiguan Elegance

Price incl. VAT: €57,095.00

Engine: 1 models found
Volume: 2L
Performance: 110kW
Fuel consumption: 5.4l/100km

Equipment Highlights:

- 4 alloy wheels "Napoli" 7.5J x 18, Black, diamond-turned surface

- Easy Open - sensor controlled luggage compartment opening and delayed electric closing, with remote unlocking

- LED Plus headlamps

- Inserts of front seats and outer rear seats in ArtVelours Eco microfleece

- 30-color ambient lighting in dashboard and doors, illuminated decorative inserts in front

Tiguan R-Line image
Tiguan R-Line

Price incl. VAT: €58,150.00

Engine: 1 models found
Volume: 2L
Performance: 110kW
Fuel consumption: 5.6l/100km

Equipment Highlights:

- Bumpers in sports style, air intake with chrome trim

- LED Plus headlamps

- 4 alloy wheels "Coventry" 8.5J x 19, Black, diamond-turned surface, Volkswagen R 

- Inserts of front seats and outer rear seats in fabric "R-Line"

- Sports comfort seats in front


Connectivity: More than bits and bytes

Volkswagen’s connectivity offerings give you more convenience and entertainment. Connecting your Tiguan to the Internet and your smartphone helps you to get to your destination in a more relaxed way – the only thing you still have to do is drive.

The Tiguan. Staying connected with the world. image

The Tiguan. Staying connected with the world.

With a host of VW Connect services available to you, you can decide on full connectivity from the outset. Once you have completed the one-off activation process and signed in with your Volkswagen ID, it is incredibly easy to use our free, innovative online services. 

VW Connect not only makes your everyday life with your Volkswagen more pleasant, but also more convenient. It allows you to access important vehicle information and offers valuable convenience with Breakdown Call or Service Scheduling. 

And with the Volkswagen App for your smartphone, you have important information about your Volkswagen at a glance even when out and about: for example, you can check the remaining range or that all doors and windows are closed.

Discover new possibilities – whether on the road or digitally image

Discover new possibilities – whether on the road or digitally

The entire world of Volkswagen digital services takes connectivity in your Tiguan to a higher level: VW Connect Plus1offers additional smart technologies as an option. 

These include intelligent navigation, which provides you with up-to-date traffic information on route changes virtually in real time, or where you can find warnings regarding traffic disruptions. The intelligent Online Route Calculation function allows you to react flexibly to changing conditions and take the best possible route. The Online Map Update ensures that your maps are always up to date. Meanwhile, the latest information about filling station prices and available spaces in car parks means that you will arrive feeling more relaxed.


Customise later: many functions in the Tiguan are not just update-ready, but in many cases also suitable for subsequent activation as upgrades. The following optional features can be activated, for example, depending on the equipment:

  • Navigation for the Ready 2 Discover radio
  • Light Assist advanced main-beam control
  • Mood lighting
  • Dynamic background lighting
  • Adaptive cruise control ACC
  • Dynamic Road Sign Display 
  • Voice assistant
  • App-Connect
Stay on air image
Stay on air

Thanks to Streaming & Internet you can enjoy your favourite music on demand in your Tiguan. Simply log in once using your existing credentials and get direct access via the car’s infotainment system without needing to use any external device. And the Internet Radio service ensures that your vehicle provides the full benefits of online radio. This makes searching for and playing live channels and podcasts fun and easy. The integrated Wi-Fi hotspot also provides you and your passengers with an Internet connection and allows you to surf on up to eight devices.

Infotainment and entertainment for every occasion image
Infotainment and entertainment for every occasion

For convenient use of apps and content, the optional App-Connect is ideal. Music, news, maps or audio books are transmitted to the display of the infotainment system and can therefore be used within your field of vision. Two interfaces are possible for connecting smartphones: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto from Google. Wireless connection for the optional Discover Media and Discover Pro navigation systems as well as the Ready 2 Discover radio makes usage particularly convenient.


Amazon Alexa is now also on board a Volkswagen. For you, this means that you can use Alexa in your Tiguan as you would at home. Alexa can thus also support you on the road, for example, with scheduling or creating your shopping list. Can't get a certain song out of your head? Then ask Alexa to play the track via Amazon Music. Simply load Alexa as a free in-car app via the store in your Tiguan.

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