The ID.5 image

The elegant form of efficiency

With powerful electric performance and a flowing silhouette, the new ID.5 successfully achieves a modern symbiosis of SUV and coupé. With Over-the-Air Update capability and ready to redefine electric mobility.


IQ.Light image

Appear in a shining light

The new ID.5 shines with a genuine highlight at the very first glance:  the innovative IQ.LIGHT. The matrix technology of this system permits continuous driving with main beam without dazzling other road users⁠. An elegant light strip extends between the attractively shaped LED matrix headlights and the Volkswagen logo. And what creates an impression at the front should naturally also be present at the rear: the package includes the optional 3D LED tail light clusters with animated brake light and integrated dynamic turn signal that indicates the intended direction with a dynamic flowing light movement. 

Panoramic sunroof image
Panoramic sunroof

Heavenly views

The panoramic sunroof is an eye-catching feature in itself with its enormous glazed area, which extends over practically the entire width of the roof. Even more appealing: an unobstructed view of the sky above. The tinted glass also ensures pleasant temperatures in the vehicle. The sun blind protects against strong sunlight and can be operated very conveniently by voice control, for example. Say “Hello ID., show me the stars” and the blind opens.

Towing bracket image
Towing bracket

For all those who want to move something

Do you need to transport additional equipment? The optionally available trailer bracket swivels out electrically at the push of the button to create more space for the things that help you get through the day. Designed for loads up to 750 kg (unbraked) or up to 1,200 kg (braked), you can transport many different things with your ID.5, such as a horse box or a kayak. On journeys where you do not need the towing bracket, you can fold it under the bumper out of sight in a few easy steps. 

Take a look for yourself at the new ID.5

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Ambient lighting image

Ambient lighting

Light for almost any mood

Give your ID.5 more personality. Choose from many standard colours and gently illuminate the vehicle interior, including dash panel, mobile phone tray and doors. Whether cooler or warm lighting – it is completely up to you.

Ar Head-Up-Display image

Ar Head-Up-Display

Pioneering navigation

In the new ID.5, you have an overview of everything that matters. The augmented reality head-up display projects important information directly into the field of view of the windscreen. Thanks to the augmented reality technology, you can see the navigation information exactly where you have to drive or turn off. This means that you arrive at your destination more relaxed without taking your eyes off the road.

Voice assistant and ID.Light image

Voice assistant and ID.Light

Say “Hello” to your ID.5

Keep your eyes on the road and control equipment such as the radio, navigation system or your telephone quite simply by intuitive voice control. Just say “Hello ID.” – and the system will understand you. As soon as you use the voice control, ID. Light responds to your voice. Using the ID. Light, your ID.5 also communicates visually and, in conjunction with the navigation system, helps you to get through traffic with even less stress. The car welcomes you and translates instructions from your infotainment and assist systems into light signals that guide you through the traffic more easily. And when you get out of the ID.5, the ID. Light bids you farewell – with light signals.

Music streaming fully integrated  image

Music streaming fully integrated

The right song for every moment

Do you use Apple Music? If so, you can enjoy your favourite music in the new ID.5 directly via the versatile optional Discover Pro navigation system – without the need for additional steps on your smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is download the corresponding app and log in with your login details in order to directly access your Apple Music account via the navigation system display and stream millions of songs, exclusive content or the latest podcasts. 


Travel Assist with Swarm data image
Travel Assist with Swarm data

Keeps you in your lane. And others at a distance.

With Travel Assist with swarm data, you have an extremely useful driving assistance system on board. 

Travel Assist with swarm data can keep you in lane, maintain a distance from the vehicle in front and also ensure that the vehicle keeps to a maximum speed that you have set. 

Over-The-Air Updates image
Over-The-Air Updates

Pioneering. And up-to-date.

Updates increase the functionality of the digital systems in your ID.5. Thanks to Over-the-Air Updates, it can update the systems fully automatically overnight, for example, as soon as you confirm the update on your Infotainment system. This means that your ID.5 is always up-to-date and you are provided with new functions in your vehicle.

Park Assist Plus with memory function* image
Park Assist Plus with memory function*

Your personal parking service

If you choose Park Assist Plus with memory function*, you can teach your ID.5 very individual parking manoeuvres. In order to park in a carport or garage, for example. For this, you just have to park your ID.5 once yourself and save the parking procedure. Your ID.5 can then repeat the learned parking manoeuvre on its own. All you need to do then is monitor the operation.

Electronic engine sound / Driving experience  image
Electronic engine sound / Driving experience

This car has a new sound

The quietness of an electric vehicle depends completely on the vehicle in question. In order to make road traffic safer, your ID.5 is quieter inside and slightly louder towards the outside up to a speed of 30 km/h. This ensures that it is noticed more easily by pedestrians. The futuristic composition underlines its visionary identity and at the same time serves as an artificially generated vehicle noise so that the practically silent electric drives can be heard by pedestrians and cyclists.

Drive System image
Drive System

Sustainable performance for driving pleasure

The new ID.5 makes sure that practically every journey feels exciting. Because its electric motor develops it power dynamically right from the start and with full torque. And ensures that you take a large step forwards on the way to a smaller carbon footprint. 

Heat pump and range manager image
Heat pump and range manager

Supports in cold temperatures: the heat pump of the ID.5

In the new all-electric ID.5, an optional heat pump ensures energy-efficient heating of the vehicle interior. The energy saved here has a positive effect on the range.

The new route planner of the ID. family supports you in everyday driving by planning preferred charging points in your navigation route and intelligently optimising both the route and required charging times. As you can see, many things become easier with innovative technologies.

ID.5 GTX image


Sustainably impressive: the all-new ID.5 GTX

Dual-motor all-wheel drive system, athletic coupé design and acceleration that will take your breath away: experience sporty electric performance in an ID. that seamlessly combines responsible driving and driving pleasure. 

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