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The Golf – a more comfortable, intelligent and connected generation.

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Evolution on the outside, revolution on the inside

The Golf showcases a refreshed exterior, with intricately designed headlights and a wider profile, alongside superior technology to give you a hatchback in a class of its own.

Digital Comfort

Innovision Cockpit image

Innovision Cockpit

Tailored entirely to you

The Golf recognises you and automatically activates your personal driving profile* depending on the equipment fitted – settings include seat adjustment, lighting, preferred temperature, radio, navigation and driver assist systems. You can easily adjust your personal settings in the optional Innovision Cockpit – using the Digital Cockpit instrument cluster paired with the Discover Media or Discover Pro navigation system. The Digital Cockpit provides the traditional features including a rev counter, speedometer and mileage recorder, along with some extra useful information. For instance, the whole screen can be used to display a navigation map. 

The huge screen on the Discover Media or Discover Pro navigation system is used to display a range of functions with striking graphics and animations – just like your smartphone. You can even personalise the home screen with photographs and favourite features.  

*After setting up your Volkswagen ID and logging in for the first time.

Digital Cockpit image

Digital Cockpit

Looking to the future

The Digital Cockpit instrument cluster comes with a high-resolution 25.4-cm (10-inch) colour display as standard to show you the information that’s important for you. You choose the standard content such as rev counter, speedometer and odometer to suit your preferences, display your assist systems, or opt for a combination of navigation map and media display – all with eye-catching graphics and animations.

Voice Control image

Voice Control

Voice control – awaiting orders

You can use the intuitive optional voice control to operate the radio, telephone, air conditioning system and navigation unit in your Golf with your voice. Use voice inputs to select the required radio station, address or telephone number. And your Golf will understand you even better with the We Connect Plus Online Voice Control feature. For example, you can choose your favourite song, playlist or control the destination input intuitively in your navigation system.

Head-Up-Display image


Keeping your eyes on the road

The main advantage of the optional head-up display in your Golf is that you can keep an eye on the most important information while watching the road ahead of you. The windscreen is used as the projection surface where the speed, driver assistance system notifications and navigation instructions are displayed. The projection is fully legible even when backlit by the headlights of oncoming traffic. And you can switch off the display at any time if it is no longer required.

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Visibly dynamic. Undeniably Golf.

The Golf has a dynamic design featuring a low-slung front end with narrow Matrix LED headlights in four-eye styling, complemented by the revamped Volkswagen logo. As always in the Golf, the entire design is harmonious and coherent. The new rear end is dominated by the narrow tail light clusters, with the new logo and the name Golf mounted under the new logo. The exhaust pipes disappear subtly under the aesthetically pleasing rear diffuser.

Lighting design image

Lighting design

LEDs in a new light

The Golf comes with LED headlights as standard. Visually they appear to slide down dynamically into the low-slung front end, while extending into the wings at the side. Integrated front fog lights are also fitted as standard. The striking four-eye styling is another traditional feature. The fully coordinated rear view is dominated by narrow LED headlights. The IQ.LIGHT Matrix LED headlights with advanced main-beam control Dynamic Light Assist, which automatically adjust the light distribution to suit the traffic situation, are available as an optional extra.

Interior Design image

Interior Design

Digital interior

The fully digital driver cockpit with a large display area is eye-catching, featuring the 25.4-cm (10-inch) Digital Cockpit instrument cluster and the 20.9-cm (8.25-inch)* touchscreen of the Composition Media radio system. The intuitive touchscreen replaces multiple switches, buttons and controls. The ambient lighting features 32 different colour shades for a personalised lighting atmosphere as changing the digital cockpit colour to match the interior lighting. The traditional Golf feel is naturally retained, despite all the digital innovations.

*With optional 25.4-cm (10-inch) Discover Media touchscreen. The Discover Pro turns it into the Innovision Cockpit.    

Ambient lighting image

Ambient lighting

Very illuminating: pleasant colours for a relaxed driving

Enhance the character of your Golf by illuminating the interior with 10 soft lighting colours. You can even choose from up to 32 colour options. Create the perfect ambience for you and your passengers on every trip, whether you want a cooler or warmer colour climate, or if you are enjoying the dazzling city lights or travelling along a dark country road at night. You can also change the brightness. 

Driving Assistance

Cars 2X image
Cars 2X

Car2X sees what lies ahead.

Vehicles that communicate with each other in traffic can make our roads safer, reduce traffic jams and issue warnings about localised hazards. The standard traffic hazard alert provides the driver with useful information such as warnings about roadworks and approaching emergency response vehicles. This form of communication uses Car2X technology over Wi-Fi (pWLAN).

The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Car2X function provides the driver with a range of practical information and can also perform active interventions, for instance when approaching the end of a traffic jam, with continuous data exchange over Wi-Fi (pWLAN).  

Travel Assist image
Travel Assist

Keeps you on track. And other road users at a distance.

The optional Travel Assist is an extremely practical driver assist system. At the touch of a button, it ensures driving comfort*  by providing assistance in dull and tiring driving situations. 

Particularly on motorways and country roads, Travel Assist can keep you in lane and maintain your speed, taking into account the distance to the traffic ahead.

It helps you navigate traffic jams and stop-start traffic with the aid of the DSG dual clutch gearbox.

* within the system’s capabilities and Drivers must be prepared to override the assist systems at all times and are not absolved of their responsibility to drive the vehicle with due care.

Adaptive Cruise Control image
Adaptive Cruise Control

Keep your distance. And stick to the speed limits.

The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) helps you to maintain a preset maximum speed* and to keep your distance from the vehicle ahead. In conjunction with an optional navigation system, the ACC is enhanced to include a predictive cruise control system and cornering assistance. This helps you to avoid speeding violations by keeping to the speed limits.** The system also uses route data from the navigation system to adjust the vehicle speed on bends, at intersections and roundabouts.**    

* up to 210 km/h ** within the system’s capabilities 

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