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The new form of confidence

With its sharpened exterior design, the new level of quality and design in the interior and enhanced technical features, the new T-Roc exudes confidence and emphasises its strong personality.

Exterior & Interior

Light design image
Light design

A confident look

From front to rear, the new T-Roc impresses with its newly designed light design. The characteristic LED daytime running lights and modern, darkened tail light clusters catch the eye from a distance. As an option, the illuminated radiator grille gives the striking front a special look. Two further highlights: the background lighting at the front in the interior and a logo projection with SUV signature, which illuminates the entrance area as an eye-catching effect when the front doors are opened. The dark red tail light clusters provide a modern finish and are also optionally available with dynamic turn signals, where an animated light strip acts as a direction indicator.

Multifunction steering wheel image
Multifunction steering wheel

It’s all about you

With the multifunction steering wheel, you not only control the new T-Roc, but also the radio, media player, voice control, telephone and the view of the Digital Cockpit instrument cluster. In the T-Roc Life and Style lines, it can be optionally heated and creates an exclusive ambience with its elegant leather cover. And if you opt for the T-Roc R-Line specification, the optionally heated Sport multifunction steering wheel including touch function awaits you.

Climatronic with touch interface image
Climatronic with touch interface

Responds to you

The optional Air Care Climatronic air-conditioning system in the new T-Roc ensures a pleasant climate all-round. The control and displays are now digitalised and are accessible via a touchscreen at the touch of a finger, making operation extremely intuitive and giving the cockpit a particularly modern look. The functional guide grooves also ensure easy and convenient operation while driving. This means that the perfect temperature is only a touch away.

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Connectivity & Infotainment

Digital Cockpit image

Digital Cockpit

Keep your eyes on the most important thing: the road

The standard Digital Cockpit summarises all the information relevant to you in the new T-Roc on a 8-inch colour display with attractive graphics. Using the multifunction steering wheel, you can therefore conveniently access functions such as audio, telephone or assist systems via the instrument cluster while driving. You can also optionally equip your T-Roc with the Digital Cockpit Pro1. With a 10.25-inch high-resolution display, it offers a wide range of options for individual configuration and additional displays, such as a navigation map display directly behind the steering wheel.

* Standard from T-Roc Style.

Radio & Navigation image

Radio & Navigation

Leading the way. Also on the sound track.

Do you like to listen to music while driving? And do you also like to know what is happening in the world when you are on the road? Pioneering infotainment system goes without saying in the T-Roc.

BeatsAudio sound system image

BeatsAudio sound system

This sound is hard to beat

Do you like to turn the volume up sometimes? With the optional 300-watt sound system from Beats by Dre, you get a sound experience on board that you can both see and feel. Six perfectly matched high-end loudspeakers ensure excellent sound in every seat, and the additional subwoofer sends its extra-deep bass sound directly into the pit of your stomach without any major detours. It’s all controlled via your infotainment system, which already welcomes you with a Beats by Dre screen when you get into the car.

Connectivity image


More than bits and bytes

The connectivity offers from Volkswagen give you more convenience, security and entertainment. The connection of your T-Roc to the internet and your smartphone brings you to your destination more relaxed - all you have to do is drive yourself.


IQ. DRIVE & Technology

IQ.Light image


Another highlight: intelligent light

Whether you’re out and about during the day or night or in bad weather, the IQ.LIGHT LED matrix headlights, optionally available from the T-Roc Style equipment line upwards, ensure better visibility. While Dynamic Light Assist helps to predictively illuminate winding roads and ensures that oncoming traffic is not dazzled even when the main beam headlights are active, the individual LED segments of the high-tech light system ensure better light distribution by specific activation and deactivation depending on the driving situation. This can not only increase your safety, but also that of other road users.

* Within the limits of the system.

Front Assist image

Front Assist

A moment of shock? Not for your T-Roc.

The standard Autonomous Emergency Braking Front Assist with Pedestrian Monitoring can warn you of critical situations caused by pedestrians and other vehicles and even brake automatically in emergencies.

* Within the limits of the system.

ACC image


A lot of traffic? No stress.

Adaptive Cruise Control ACC helps you to maintain a previously set maximum speed and distance to the vehicle in front. In traffic jams, your new T-Roc can automatically decelerate and move off again (with the optional DSG automatic gearbox). In conjunction with an optional navigation system, the ACC is extended to include predictive cruise control and a cornering assist function. This helps you to avoid speeding by adopting official speed limits. In addition, the system can use route data from the navigation system to adapt the vehicle speed for corners, junctions (turns) and roundabouts.

1. Up to max. 210 km/h.
2. Within the system limits. The driver must be prepared at all times to override the assistance system. These systems do not absolve drivers of their responsibility to drive with due care and attention.

Easy Open & Close image

Easy Open & Close

The everyday helper for easy loading

Do you have your hands full of luggage again? You can now easily open and close the luggage compartment of the new T-Roc with your foot. With the optional Easy Open & Close package, the Keyless Access system recognises the vehicle key in your pocket. Just a small movement under the rear end is all it takes – and the electric boot lid opens or closes automatically. As you can see, innovative technologies make a lot of things easier in everyday life.

Lane Assist image
Lane Assist

Your T-Roc keeps in lane

Risky situations can sometimes occur on monotonous journeys. This is where the lane keeping system Lane Assist comes in. From a speed of 60 km/h, it can detect whether the vehicle is unintentionally straying from its lane. With a corrective steering intervention, it can focus the driver’s attention back on the driving situation.

Park Assist image
Park Assist

Simply park 

The new T-Roc with Park Assist1 not only tells you whether a parking space is large enough when driving past – it can also drive into it for you2.3. You operate the clutch, accelerator and brake. And it does the rest.


  1. Sensors scan suitable parking spaces (up to max. 40 km/h)
  2. Parallel parking spaces must have one vehicle length plus 80 cm
    manoeuvring distance for driving into the space, and at least 25 cm in front of and behind the vehicle for driving out of a parking space
  3. Parking bays must have at least 35 cm clearance on both sides 


1. Standard from T-Roc Life.
2. Within the system limits.
3. Operation can be deactivated at any time

Side Assist image
Side Assist

Looks over 

The Side Assist lane change assist system uses an LED lamp in the exterior mirrors to indicate that there are other vehicles in the blind spot or driving up to 50m behind you. When you indicate to change lanes, the system calculates whether one of these vehicles could pose a hazard based on position and speed, and then flashes to alert you to this.

* Within the system limits. The driver must be prepared to override the assist system at all times and is not released from the responsibility to drive the vehicle with due care and attention.

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