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2019 saw the launch of the ROADS by Porsche app. It has been totally changed now. The picturesque route generator serves as the focal point of the new ROADS app. With a few clicks, driving enthusiasts can quickly locate their ideal route.

Porsche created the free ROADS app for enthusiastic drivers worldwide. Routes through uninhabited villages, across breathtaking landscape, and down winding country roads: Drivers from all over the world discuss their favourite driving routes and come together in groups to plan road trips in the ROADS Community. What brand or model of car you drive makes no difference.

Since its 2019 release, the app has gained more than 180,000 users. It has since undergone a complete revision. The scenic route generator is the centerpiece of the new ROADS app, according to Robert Ader, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Porsche AG. It enables driving enthusiasts to quickly and easily find their own unique ideal route. AI determines a suitable route based on a variety of factors, like road curves, topography, landscape elements, or other areas of interest. No matter where in the world they are, the user can plan a circuit route from their starting point or navigate to a specific destination.

The system aims to find the best practical route for each driver, not the shortest one between two sites. The route's design can be predetermined to be curved, balanced, or very dynamic. The created routes can be driven, saved, tested, and shared with the ROADS Community using the integrated navigation. A lot of car models also allow Apple CarPlay® to communicate the route directly to the infotainment screen.

The designers of ROADS placed a high priority on intuitive user advice. Users of the app have a variety of alternatives for starting their journey through the fascinating routes thanks to the region-based dashboard. The most popular profiles in the route generator are easily accessible with the use of shortcuts, and dynamic filters can be utilized to generate acceptable routes for the upcoming drive.

The generator can create a custom route if you want to see particular locations. If you're unsure, ROADS will routinely sway your decision with its unique destinations and weekly routes, which are discussed in-depth in both text and pictures.

The global ROADS Community brings together enthusiastic drivers who may socialize in both public and private settings. Here, like-minded individuals can converse and exchange stories.

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