Porsche presents the new Cayenne image

Porsche presents the new Cayenne

The third generation of the Porsche Cayenne has undergone a complete makeover from the ground up, including adjustments to the chassis, interior, exterior, and drivetrain. Performance both on and off the road as well as sumptuous daily comfort have both been significantly enhanced.

Porsche's popular premium SUV has undergone extensive refinement. With new chassis technology, a fully digitalized display and control concept, and cutting-edge high-tech features, the new Cayenne makes its debut. According to Michael Schätzle, Vice President Product Line Cayenne, "It's one of the most comprehensive product upgrades in Porsche history."

Digitised and driver-focussed: Porsche Driver Experience image

Digitised and driver-focussed: Porsche Driver Experience

For the first time in the Cayenne, the front passengers have their own infotainment display, allowing them to stream videos during the trip, for example. High-definition HD Matrix LED Headlights provide road illumination tailored to every driving situation. The Cayenne emphasizes its claim to be the sportiest car in its segment with its significantly updated styling and more potent engine lineup.

The new Cayenne has an entirely new display and control concept from Porsche. Focusing on the driver's axis and optimizing operation, the new Porsche Driver Experience was originally introduced in the Porsche Taycan. Directly on or near to the steering wheel are controls that the driver uses regularly. For instance, the lever behind the steering wheel on the left now serves extra purposes for controlling the driver aid systems.

The redesigned Cayenne's automatic transmission selector lever is now located on the dashboard. This frees up space on the new center console for drawers for storage as well as a sizable air conditioning controller with a sophisticated black panel design. A haptic volume controller, mechanical air conditioning switches, and large, easily reachable controls provide optimal operability and a classy appearance. The new Porsche Driver Experience's careful balancing of digital and analog components is a vital component.

The updated Cayenne's cockpit now features a completely digital 12.6-inch instrument cluster with variable display options and a supposedly curved and free-standing design. As an alternative, a head-up display that is optimized is offered. The new dashboard merges seamlessly with the standard 12.3-inch central Porsche Communication Management (PCM) display, which gives access to all necessary vehicle functions. To maximize connectivity in the new Cayenne, native apps like Spotify® and Apple Music® are offered. The passenger side now has a 10.9-inch display for the first time. The ability to stream multimedia content while driving, distinct access to the infotainment system settings, and the display of performance data all enhance the front passenger's driving experience. A special foil ensures that the driver cannot see this display.

Refined design, innovative lighting technology image

Refined design, innovative lighting technology

The Porsche Cayenne looks especially expressive right now. The vehicle's width is highlighted by a new front end, more aggressively arched wings, a new bonnet, and aesthetically pleasing headlights. The redesigned Cayenne's rear end design features revised rear aprons with integrated number plate holders, uncluttered surfaces beneath, and three-dimensionally sculpted tail lights. The new Cayenne may be individually and dynamically configured thanks to an enlarged color palette with three new colors, lightweight sports packages that can reduce the weight of the Cayenne Coupé by up to 33 kilos, and a new comprehensive choice of 20, 21, and 22-inch wheels.

The 2017 Cayenne now comes standard with Matrix LED headlights. There is a new optional feature called HD Matrix LED Headlights. Their ground-breaking technology recognizes other users and precisely blocks out the high beam's light for them with two high-definition modules and more than 32,000 pixels per headlamp so as not to blind them. Depending on the driving conditions, the modules' brightness can be adjusted in more than 1,000 steps. Customized light settings improve comfort and safety in a variety of driving circumstances.

Porsche Cayenne Coupe


In the new Cayenne, Porsche has also added an air quality system. The car automatically turns on air recirculation when it detects approaching tunnel entrances using predictive navigation data, which is standard. When several passes through the fine dust filter are required, a sensor that detects the quantity of fine dust particles in the air can be used. Additionally, an ioniser cleans the air of numerous contaminants and microorganisms, which is very helpful for people who have allergies.

Additionally, buyers have access to a wide variety of new and improved assistance solutions. These include the adaptive cruise control's upgraded Porsche InnoDrive as well as the active speed limitation, swerving aid, cornering help, and other features. This indicates that the new Cayenne is even more effective at assisting its driver in risky circumstances as well as in gridlock on highways and major routes.

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