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Motorrad HERITAGE Event - 6th May



Some call the bikes retro, vintage or classics. We call them Heritage. A glance at the iconic design and the unmistakable boxer engine shows that it’s about design, handling, minimalist design. It’s a way of life. And if you want to go even further: our Heritage models are the perfect basis for customising.


We're going to be hosting an open day - no booking required and invite you to come along, meet the Team, meet the HERITAGE Models and enjoy an informative talk with our HERITAGE Expert, Paddy at 11am. 

Have a cup of coffee, enjoy a sandwich and learn more about the R18 and RnineT family. 

We'll have a R18 Bagger onsite as well as RnineT Scramblers. 


If you would like to book a test ride, please contact us in advance on (01) 864 7756 or fill out the enquiry form at the bottom of this page. 

Striking design image
Striking design

We have consistently evolved and modernised the iconic features of our early motorcycles. Unmistakable: the dominant boxer engine, the striking fuel tank shape and the iconic front end.

Vibrant history image
Vibrant history

Heritage models show how vibrant our long motorcycle history is. From the first ABS for motorcycles to the boxer punch and matching accessories - bursting with innovations that focus on one thing only: perfect handling, the best riding experience and sheer riding pleasure.

Vibrant community image
Vibrant community

We love bends, working on our bikes, the odour of the workshop, genuine craftsmanship, vintage and music. Whether its customising or a ride out, we like to do things together. Be it as a newbie or a long-standing member of the community, everyone is welcome.

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