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With the K 1600 B one thing is for sure: nothing is more exciting than a relaxed tour. The vast landscape whizzes past you while you are totally relaxed. However, you also enjoy unleashing the power of the legendary six-cylinder engine from one second to the next. From then on, you are virtually eating up the road ahead of you, turning relaxed cruising with luxurious comfort into adventurous performance touring. Just like you would expect from the elongated and dynamically drawn bagger outline. Thanks to the K 1600 B, you’re proud and happy to be a little longer, but you’ll never be on your own for a long time. Simply put: #RideAndShare.


From visual to practical

There’s a certain coolness that is obvious right away and then there is the coolness you simply radiate from the inside out. Quite simply because you have the confidence in yourself and the elements around you. It’s no different with this version of the K 1600 B: the particularly high-quality Option 719 Classic forged wheel and the casual, short windscreen immediately catch the eye, whereas floor lighting and the intelligent ECALL emergency call give you more of a feeling of safety. The liner and impact protection for the touring cases also give you that comforting feeling of having done everything right.



Your appearance counts
Relaxed cruising in total luxury, always keeping the horizon in sight: this is the world of the K 1600 B. Every moment, every impression counts in this vast expanse. And above all, it’s about the impression you leave behind.


Style Exclusive
Inspired by the impression of modern, big cities, Style Exclusive in Manhattan metallic matt showcases the dynamics of the K 1600 B particularly impressively and excitingly: with highlights including the front-wheel cover in body colour and the engine spoiler in Night black matt.

Blackstorm metallic
In its basic version, the clear-cut lines of the K 1600 B really come into their own. From the front-wheel cover to the engine spoiler and cases, the outline is a homogeneous unit in elegant black.

Option 719 Midnight
Quite literally unique. Option 719 Midnight’s highlight is the Meteoric dust II metallic paintwork. Its challenging water transfer paintwork represents an entire galaxy. This is where each K 1600 B becomes a truly unique piece of kit.


Complete package image

Complete package

With the K 1600 B, you can always do a little more. Not only in terms of mileage. Thanks to extensive optional equipment and Original BMW Motorrad Accessories, you can turn the bagger into exactly the bike you want. Optionally benefit from the comfort package and tour package. The comfort package features Keyless Ride and shift assistant Pro – for even more relaxed cruising. The tour package, for example, impresses with the audio system 2.0 or comfortable footboards. We have put together two equipment variants to inspire you.

A glimpse behind the scenes image

A glimpse behind the scenes

What were we actually thinking when we came up with the water transfer paintwork? How much precision and craftsmanship forms the basis for Option 719 Midnight? And how is it possible that no two bikes are exactly the same? Find out here.

Powerful, luxurious and charismatic.

The BMW K 1600 Bagger and K 1600 Grand America cruise effortlessly into the heart of touring fans with perfect streamlining, impressive power delivery and a lot of comfort equipment. Even the design of the machines is a work of art.

With a strikingly sloping silhouette, both bikes ride ahead confidently. Stylish windscreens and a striking rear area with LED indicators and brake lights integrated in the cases underline this look. The six- cylinder four-stroke in-line engine according to Euro 5 makes relaxed cruising with unique running smoothness an incomparable experience. With 118 kW (160 hp) and a maximum torque of 1800 Nm, it also transforms both bikes into racing machines that sprint from zero to 100 in 3.4 seconds. Both riding styles are perfectly brought onto the asphalt by the electronically controlled Dynamic ESA with automatic riding position compensation with the ROAD and CRUISE riding modes.


Option 719 seat

The elegant Option 719 seat in black impresses with its fine feel, subtle marbling, elaborate decorative seams and attractive quilting embossing.

Floor Lighting

Safe parking after sunset: floor lighting lights up the area underneath the bike and makes it easier to find a suitable parking space in the dark.

Intelligent emergency call ECALL

The intelligent emergency call automatically contacts the BMW call centre in the event of an accident in order to activate the rescue chain as quickly as possible. The vehicle position is transmitted and, if possible, an initial conversation with the person concerned is established. The system can also be triggered manually, such as to help other road users.

Chrome-plated case trim

The elegant case trim with high-quality chrome surface gives the bike’s rear end a distinctive and elegant look.

Chrome-plated mirror cap

Cruising in style – the high-quality chrome-plated mirror cap lends the bike an unmistakable look with its glossy appearance, perfectly matching other chrome parts.

Chrome-plated wind deflector

The chrome-plated wind deflectors lend the motorcycle an unmistakably elegant look and ensures greater riding comfort on every journey.

3 years warranty

Ride on & on & on. We`re giving you an extra year. 

Now there's a 3-year warranty on all motorcycles. 

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The K 1600 B is proof that you can perfectly swim against the tide if things are streamlined. The elongated, typical bagger outline with its low rear section combines an elegant, casual character with a powerful presence. The entire bike has been fully geared towards you and your perfect tour: from things that are immediately obvious, such as the footboards, to the equipment you can only experience once you have taken a seat, such as the cockpit. It demonstrates a completely new design idiom: clear-cut and functional. The 10.25" TFT colour display now even features a hardened and anti-reflective cover lens for optimum readability. The K 1600 B leaves everything to you when it comes to experiencing the trip, yet nothing happens by chance.


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