BMW Motorrad crowns its 100th anniversary with the strongest sales result in the company's history. image

BMW Motorrad crowns its 100th anniversary with the strongest sales result in the company's history.


BMW Motorrad supplied 209,257 motorcycles and scooters to consumers in its anniversary year, a 3.1% increase over the previous year and the largest sales volume in the history of the business. Particularly, the continents of Europe, Asia, and Latin America contributed significantly to BMW Motorrad's record-breaking sales volume. Strong sales from North America and Germany also helped to achieve the record outcome. Strong reasons for the outstanding performance in 2023 included the market introduction of well-liked new models including the powerful BMW M 1000 R and the legendary touring enduro BMW R 1300 GS, as well as a compelling product range with offers that successfully define their respective sectors.

Markus Flasch, Head of BMW Motorrad: “I would like to thank our customers all over the world for the great trust they have placed in us again in 2023. With a record result in our anniversary year, BMW Motorrad remains the world's number one in the premium motorcycle and scooter segment and once again demonstrates the brand's successful strategic orientation. Our market leadership in numerous segments is based on innovation leadership, our highly attractive product range and our strong brand. Based on these three main success factors, BMW Motorrad is ideally positioned and I am very confident about the year 2024.”

Solid sales in Europe with record growth in Eastern Europe.

With 116,012 (+ 4.7 %) motorcycles and scooters sold, Europe as a whole remained by far the strongest sales region for BMW Motorrad. Germany remained the strongest individual market with 24,176 units (+ 0.2 %), followed by France (21,668 units / + 2.1 %), Italy (16,179 units / + 3.3 %) and Spain (12,716 units / + 1.7 %). Eastern Europe also contributed to BMW Motorrad's very pleasing overall European performance with sales of 6,000 units, a record increase of 105.4 % and more than double the previous year's figure.

China, India, Brazil and Mexico made a significant contribution to this success.

In other regions, several countries ended the year with record sales. In Asia (47,061 units / + 1.6 %), both China (15,832 units / + 2.8 %) and India (8,768 units / + 20.4 %) achieved their best results to date. Brazil, with record sales of 14,106 vehicles (+ 8.1 %), and Mexico (7,088 units / + 6.8 %) also made a significant contribution to BMW Motorrad's record result.

The R 1250 GS and GS Adventure, along with the highly successful new R 1300 GS, lead the way.

The boxer models R 1250 GS and R 1250 GS Adventure also delivered their customary strong performance, with sales of around 56,000 units. Together with the new R 1300 GS (4,528 units), which has been on sale since autumn 2023, the three GS models once again made a significant contribution to BMW Motorrad’s record sales of 60,535 units (+1.62%).

Sporty four-cylinder models with undiminished dynamism.

The sporty four-cylinder BMW Motorrad vehicles saw a positive sales trend as a result of the obsession with performance and riding dynamics. The M 1000 R hyper roadster exceeded all expectations with 3,655 units delivered to consumers, while the S 1000 RR maintained its top position and market leadership in the supersport bike sector with 11,442 units sold (+ 13.9%). In addition to the S 1000 R, S 1000 XR, and limited-edition M 1000 RR, 25,194 units (7.5%) of the potent four-cylinder models were shipped to clients across the globe.

BMW Motorrad also achieved top performance in the mid-range segment and in the BMW Motorrad segment of up to 500 cc.

With a total of 62,834 units sold (+ 3.2 %), the F series with two-cylinder engines and the G models with single-cylinder engines also made a significant contribution to
BMW Motorrad's record result. The F 750 GS, which is particularly popular with new customers, was a particular highlight, with 11,064 units sold (+ 15.6 %).

Clear market leadership for the CE 04 and strong performance of BMW Motorrad's Urban Mobility range.

The CE 04 has established itself as the clear industry leader, holding a 70% market share worldwide for all-electric bikes and scooters with an output of more than 11 kW. Deliveries of the expressive electric scooter surpassed those of the previous year by 44% with 7,177 units. With the help of the two well-received scooters, the C 400 GT and C 400 X, BMW Motorrad's Urban Mobility segment sold 20,460 units in total, a 17.9% increase over the previous year.

Optimistic outlook for 2024.

Stephan Reiff, Head of Sales and Brand: "The sales record in our anniversary year is both an honour and an obligation. With numerous new, innovative models and products for our customers, we at BMW Motorrad will do everything in our power to build on this record year in 2024 and further consolidate our leading position in the premium segment. Our new GS models in particular will play an important role here. This year, our customers and fans can once again look forward to numerous world premieres, highlights, events and emotionally charged motorcycles offers."

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