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Joe Duffy Volkswagen Service Offers

Classic Service for €189

It's important to service your Volkswagen regularly in order to keep it running smoothly and maintain it's value.

What’s included in a Classic Volkswagen Service?

  • Oil and Filter Service
  • Software Updates and Product Enhancements
  • Complimentary 12 Months Roadside Assistance
  • Wash and Vacuum
  • Comprehensive Health Check

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Volkswagen Connect My Volkswagen App only €49.99 including Free Fitting

‘My Volkswagen‘ shows you the most important information about your car, such as the mileage, first registration, pending service intervals, current warning signs and lights and the appropriate explanations and recommendations for action. Use ‘My Tyres‘ to add your car’s tyres to the app and state the type of tyre. Then you can view the tyre information in the app and enter the manufacturer, mileage and date of manufacture and set a reminder to check them.

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Volkswagen Brake Pads & Discs Change from €219

When you brake, the brake discs that rotate with the wheels are gripped by brake pads, slowing the car down. Both discs and pads can become worn and corroded, so it's vital they are checked at least once per year for your safety.

Why replace your Brake Pads and Discs?

Changing your brake pads and discs when needed will provide both peace of mind and the knowledge that your brakes are in good working order keeping you and other road users safe. Volkswagen Genuine brakes enable you to stop safely in a variety of road conditions. Volkswagen Genuine brakes mesh optimally with your braking system. They are designed precisely for your Volkswagen's top speed and its weight... for quality that goes beyond the statutory ECE-R90* brake standard.

Your benefits

  • Safer driving - Thanks to shorter braking distances.
  • Custom fit - Developed for your Volkswagen and matched to its weight, performance and top speed.
  • More endurance - Confirmed in extensive practical tests over 480,000 km's in all weather conditions.

If your brakes aren't maintained regularly you won't be able to brake as efficiently. As well as reduced stopping power, worn or corroded brake parts can make your car vibrate and become really noisy.

What do we do?

We measure the brake pad wear level. If the pads or discs are worn, corroded or warped we will let you know so we can arrange to replace them. It is not always necessary to remove the wheels to check the brake pads (pad wear/thickness, disc condition), but where a further detailed inspection is required (or if the wheel does not allow full visibility) the wheel(s) may be removed.

Click the link below to book in your Volkswagen for new brake pads or brake discs.

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Volkswagen Air Con Refresh & Pollen Filter - €99

Here at Joe Duffy Volkswagen we want our customers to feel as comfortable as possible and to have the most enjoyable driving experience. What better way to accomplish this than having a fresh and pollen free car? Start off the summer season with a fresh and pollen free driving experience with Volkswagen.

Most car users use air conditioning in the summer and after months of not being used it collects dirt and other contaminants. Your vehicle’s air conditioning system traps moisture, pollen and dirt which can lead to bacterial and fungal contamination. A refresh treatment disinfects the evaporator and air ducts safely and effectively to ensure that you have sufficient fresh air in your Volkswagen at a pleasant temperature. We recommend that you get your air conditioning changed every 20,000k or once every two years.

At a cost of only €99 at Joe Duffy Volkswagen… fresh air has never smelled better!

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Your Free Vehicle Health Check Explained

In between car services it is always important to ensure that wear and tear items are maintained and your vehicle stays in top condition. To help you ensure that key areas of your vehicle are performing as they should be our Trained Technicians are on hand to perform a complimentary Health Check.

Our Approved Technicians will check your car for the following, free of charge.

  • Lights
  • Warning lights
  • Wiper blades
  • Screen wash reservoir
  • Coolant level
  • Engine oil levels
  • Clutch hydraulics
  • Drivebelt
  • Battery
  • Tyre wear and pressure
  • Brake pads and discs
  • Steering
  • Exhaust


Timing Belt Change - €549

What are the benefits of a new timing belt?

  • Timing belts are perfectly matched to Volkswagen engine tensioner and idler pulleys resulting in fewer noises and smoother running performances.
  • It has reliable transmission of power making it efficient with maximum change interval of up to 360,000km.
  • Resilient and inherently robust up to 360,000km due to having a glass, synthetic fibres and an abrasion resistant coating.

What is the function of a timing belt?

A timing belt transfers power from the crankshaft to the camshaft. This causes the engine's valves to open and close. The fuel/air mixture enters the combustion chamber, combusts and drives the pistons. The timing belt also controls the water pump.

Why have it inspected regularly and changed in good time?

By having an old and heavily worn timing belt it may tear and cause engine damage. How does this happen? The engines valve control loses it's rhythm, the piston hits the valve like a bullet at speed up to 15m/s. This has an effect on the cylinder head and usually needs to be being replaced.

Replacement Includes:

  • Timing Belt
  • Tensioner Kit
  • Engine Kit
  • Free wash and vac
  • 2 year parts warranty
  • 2 year labour warranty
  • Water pump
  • Free vehicle check


Replacement Car

If your require, a courtesy car can be provided while your vehicle is in for service. A courtesy car must be requested and booked in advance to ensure availability on the day you arrive. An administrative charge of €35 applies except in the case of warranty repairs.


Terms and Conditions:

This Guaranteed Service Offer is available on any Volkswagen Passenger Car Model 2014 reg and older up to engine size of 2.0 litre. Available to retail consumers only. Applies to “Time and Distance” interval services. Complimentary Roadside Assistance for 12 months on any Guaranteed Service booked before 31st December 2019. Prices valid until 31st December 2019. • The complimentary Roadside Assistance Cover for 12 months from date of invoice and is available for any Retail Consumer who avails of the Service Offer before the 31st December 2019. • The complimentary Roadside Assistance Cover for 12 months will not be available to any Customer who does not have safety related repairs that are identified during the work completed. If these repairs are not completed on the day they must be completed within 5 days post service for the offer of the complimentary Roadside Assistance Cover for 12 months to be availed of. • Any additional work approved by the customer in advance will be invoiced separately with a full explanation of the work carried out. • Any replaced parts will be retained for customer inspection at the time of vehicle collection if requested in advance. • Volkswagen Ireland reserves the right to make amendments to the content of the offer at any time at the discretion of the company. • All information is correct at the date of issue and is subject to change without prior notice. • Prices valid until 31st December 2019.