The Volkswagen ID.3 & ID.4 image

The Volkswagen ID.3 & ID.4

Ireland's bestselling all-electric cars in 2021.

The all-new ID.5 image

The all-new ID.5

With powerful electric performance and a flowing silhouette, the all-new, all electric ID.5 successfully achieves a modern symbiosis of SUV and coupé. With Over-the-Air Update capability and ready to redefine electric mobility.

Intelligent charging

The ID.5 not only charges quickly (with up to 135KW (DC), but also intelligently in the future.

Elegant exterior coupé design

The new ID.5 impresses with a futuristic form that combines the strengths of an SUV with the aerodynamic silhouette of a coupé – without any compromises.

Spacious interior design

The intelligently and generously designed open-space interior offers you more freedom and room for everything that is important to you.

The all-electric ID.4 image

The all-electric ID.4

Discover the new ID.4: powerful like an SUV, sustainable like an ID.

Equipped to assist

Does your hobby need extensive equipment? Do you have a lot to transport for work? No problem at all for the ID.4: the optional towing bracket is designed for loads up to 750 kg (unbraked) or 1,000 kg (braked). If you don’t need the towing bracket at any given moment, you can fold it under the bumper out of sight in a few easy steps.

Panoramic views

With a huge glass panel that stretches over the entire width of the roof, the optional panoramic sunroof is an eye-catching feature in itself. Even more amazing: an unobstructed view of the sky above for your passengers. The tinted glass also ensures pleasant temperatures in the vehicle and the sun blind protects you against strong sunshine. You can even control the sun blind using extremely intuitive voice controls. Say “Hello ID., show me the stars” and the sun blind opens on command.

The ID.3 is delivered with a net carbon-neutral balance image

The ID.3 is delivered with a net carbon-neutral balance

The all-new ID.3 is not just produced with a net carbon-neutral balance but is also delivered to you with a net carbon-neutral balance.

Manufacture and delivery of the ID.3 to the retailer are independently certified as net carbon-neutral by TUV Nord. Net carbon-neutrality is achieved through a combination of both emission reduction and off-setting unavoidable emissions. This independent certification is audited and reconciled quarterly. It excludes use and life-cycle post-handover at the retailer.

Long range. Fast charge.

The ID.3 is available with ranges of up to 540km1. Whether you need to drive to work , go on a road trip or bring the children to school and drive back in the evening - that is all possible with just one battery charge. Any of the available battery sizes in the ID.3 range can do this with ease. You can choose from 58 kWh or 77 kWh. A smaller battery size will be made available at a later date. We also provide ID. Models with a battery guarantee of eight years or 160,000 km