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A Porsche is unlike any other car. Which is why service at Porsche is unlike any other service. Our Porsche-trained Technicians are committed to the Crest and everything it stands for. Just as your Porsche is the result of over 70 years of sports car development, so our Technicians' knowledge and skills come from decades of experience.


Repairing a Porsche and maintaining the integrity of its unique characteristics demands expertise, the right materials and tools, and technicians' skills. Dynamic Repair offers all this, quickly and cost-effectively, for a wide range of minor repairs available below.

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In the best hands.

With every Porsche innovation come new ways of maintaining it. Which means new information, new tools and new training for our Technicians. So they are always perfectly prepared. Always correctly equipped. Always ready to take that little bit extra care, and be that little bit more precise.

That's why your Porsche Centre Dublin is where your Porsche will be in the best hands. Its the only place you can expect to find people who care about your Porsche as much as you do. And who get as much pleasure from servicing and maintaining your Porsche as you do from driving it.


Glass repair - Windscreen chips can be repaired using a vacuum pump, and minor scratches on rear and side windows can be polished out.

Paint and dent repair - Dynamic Repair techniques often make it possible to treat damaged areas without removing a part or damaging paintwork. Parking dents and hail damage, for example, may be pushed out using special levers. Even major dents can be returned to the original state using Porsche dent removal systems. Using carnauba waxes from Porsche Tequipment, paint can be sealed for protection.

Alloy wheel refurbishment - Superficial paint damage to alloy wheels can be successfully repaired. However, for safety reasons, wheels with damage to the lightweight design of the rim ange itself should always be replaced.

Interior repair - Wear and tear scuffs, cracks, scratches and burn holes on plastic and leather components can often be repaired. The extent of damage which can be repaired depends on its location. For example, whether it is in an area subject to heavy wear, or close to a seam.

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