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All our servicing and repairs are carried out by fully qualified and trained Porsche technicians.

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One of the biggest advantages of servicing a vehicle at Porsche Centre Dublin begins right in the service bays with our Porsche Manufacturer trained technicians. 

This means that the technicians working on your Porsche have intimate knowledge of how these vehicles are supposed to perform and how/when to make necessary repairs.

We have state of the art facilities and the latest equipment to work on your vehicle and invite you to sit in our comfortable waiting area and enjoy a complimentary hot or cold beverage while you wait. 

Protecting the value of your Porsche

How much is a dream worth? And for how long is it of value? That depends. On the quality and regularity of its upkeep.
Your Porsche will only retain its value in the long-term if it is consistently maintained by the right people. So to protect your investment, we recommend you use our Centre to service your car.

Porsche Service Pricing

We offer our customers a competitive, transparent and consistent pricing mechanism using the very latest labour and parts data available, for the whole Porsche range, including current and classic models.

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