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Closed Monday 6th February

Bank Holiday Opening Hours

Did you know.....St. Brigid’s Day - Lá Fhéile Bríde - celebrates Ireland’s only female patron saint on February 1st. Most people will be familiar with the popular tradition of making crosses in honour of St Brigid.  In 2022 it was announced that Ireland would be in line for a new annual public holiday in early February 2023 and onwards - to celebrate and mark St Brigid's Day.

This new public holiday is to land on the first Monday in February - except where St Brigid’s day (1st February) happens to fall on a Friday, in which case, that Friday 1st February will be a public holiday.

We're just delighted that we have a new long weekend to look forward to and we hope you are too! 

Wishing all our Porsche customers and their friends and family a safe and enjoyable February Bank Holiday. The first of it's kind. 

PLEASE NOTE: We are open as usual on Saturday 4th, but we will be closed Monday 6th in honour of our new Bank Holiday and open again as usual on Tuesday 7th February for all your sales, service and parts needs. 

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