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Dreamers On.

Inspiring the next generation of dreamers.

Dreams, when coupled with courage and commitment, have the potential to change the world. Porsche has been driven by dreams from the beginning. As the great Ferry Porsche once said himself, "I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of, so I decided to build it myself."

Passion, drive and ambition. The vision and dedication of Ferry Porsche is part of his incredible legacy, threaded through the Porsche DNA. Emerging as exceptional race cars, cutting-edge concept cars and innovations that continually challenge the ideas of what's possible. His boldness and bravery has changed our world. And he's not alone in his efforts.

Dreamers. On. Is a new initiative by Porsche celebrating people from all backgrounds with passion, drive and ambition. Keen to support other visionaries in the hope of inspiring future generations. Porsche has recently created a platform with which to share their stories. Tales of hope, bravery and pure imagination: qualities that many regard as the true keys to success.


Creating rock 'n' roll dreams: Julien Roure. image

Creating rock 'n' roll dreams: Julien Roure.

The definition of creativity is to use imagination or original ideas to create something. This raw passion and inventiveness is thoroughly embodied in the hand-built guitars of Julien Route. Founder of Wild Custom Guitars, Roure's custom instruments are owned by Rock and Roll royalty such as Richard Fortus from Guns N' Roses, ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons and Green Day bassist, Mike Dirnt.

Yet, despite Roure having a love of music from childhood, punk rock and its accompanying instruments were hard to come by growing up in the middle of rural France. True to the music scene's DIY mentality, he decided to make them himself. While his early guitars are worlds apart from the Wild Custom Guitars of the present day, his dedication remains the same,

"I've always followed my path and believed in my projects."

Julien Roure

Challenging stereotypes: Sophie de Oliveira Barata. image

Challenging stereotypes: Sophie de Oliveira Barata.

Dreams are freedom of expression, which very often involves pushing past restrictions or perhaps even incorporating them into an idea. It's this notion that drives Sophie de Oliveira Barata, Prosthetics Artist & Founder of 'The Alternative Limb Project' to produce life-changing, wearable art.

What started out originally as a fascination with special effects and their ability to trick the eye. de Oliveira Barata's curiosity was combined with her studies as a medical student. Now working as part of a dedicated dream team designing and fitting stunning prosthetics. the results are a vital means of expression for the wearers. While at the same time challenging stereotypes and promoting positive conversations around what is often considered a taboo subject.

"My dream is to push the imagination to its limits and explore the human body in a way that its not genuinely explored."

Sophie de Oliveira Borate

A life full of powerful dreams: Hans Mezger image

A life full of powerful dreams: Hans Mezger

When it comes to dreams, you must stick to your guns. Even as a young man Hans Mezger knew this to be true. What did he do with the more than 28 job offers he received from a full range of prestigious companies? Reject them. Why? Because none of them came from the right company.

He knew what he wanted, and he wanted Porsche. So, he applied, got accepted and started his career in the company. The ambitious engineer dreamt of building masterful engines for them. This clarity of vision was a good fit with the brand, helping him to achieve his dream multiple times over: creating some of the best engines for the racetrack and the streets across several decades.

Never give up. image

Never give up.

Life has a greater purpose and focus when you are driven by dreams. Failures become a series of challenges to overcome. Success, albeit hard earned, is sweeter. Creativity shifts and turns like a car on the track The hope with the Dreamers. On initiative is that by sharing stones of these impressive Journeys and achievements.

It encourages more people in the world to dream big and keep waking towards their vision.