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Charity Bike Run

RevUp is back again this year after a bit of time off due to the various lock downs and social distancing issues over the last two years. This year the event will kick off from Joe Duffy Motorrad.

The 2022 run takes place April 30th to May 2nd and will be the 15th run since the event began. 

The event works as a navigation exercise with the initial points to ride given out in Finglas at the start of the first day. You simply follow the route sheet and ride to the first checkpoint where you get the second set of directions and so on. This allows you to leave when you want and ride at the pace you enjoy and in a group you’re happy to ride with.

Participants have to raise a minimum of €650 (and €500 for a pillion) and that includes the following: 1,000km mapped and scouted routes, luggage transfers, 2 nights accommodation in a 4 star hotel (breakfast & dinner included), breakdown services for the weekend and full support for the 3 days from Team RevUp.

The run is always well attended and this year looks like it will be no different with registration being limited to 100 bikes with or without pillions. The route is always kept a closely guarded secret with the details of how to get to the first checkpoint being given out at the dealership on the morning. At the first checkpoint details of the route to the second are given out and at the second the final stage which gets us to the hotel is supplied.

We're very much looking forward to getting on the road again and we're hoping you'll join us!

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RevUp Regulations

RevUp is only open to motorcyclists and their passengers. No Cars.

All types of motorcycles authorised by road traffic regulations may participate.

The event is a point-to-point navigation ride.

Participation is at the discretion of the organiser, whose decisions are final.

Entries are made online via or contact one of the organisers listed on the contacts page.

Entry to the event is by donation, with a minimum requirement of €650 sponsorship per rider & €500 for pillion passengers. The benefits of the fee include: – Route cards for each stage of the point-to-point navigation ride; accommodation (including breakfast), evening meal & entertainment at venues; awards, badges, souvenirs.





Based on information on the entry forms, awards will be made as follows:

  • Best bike
  • Furthest travelled
  • Youngest rider
  • Oldest rider
  • Biggest corporate sponsor
  • Most collected by an individual
  • Oldest bike
  • Smallest Bike

Please adhere to any additional instructions given to you from event co-ordinators while on the event.

Tips for a good ride out:

Expect the unexpected – Follow the Rules. Being stopped for speeding wastes time, earns penalty points & costs money.

  • Avoid travelling in large groups.
  • Pinpoint navigation, not high speeds!
  • Arrive early! Leave early! Avoid night-time travel!
  • Start early each morning!
  • Don’t waste time at or between CPs!



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