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“We have developed an idea, with the MINI Vision Urbanaut, of how we can take the MINI attributes – as here, with the focus on the ‘Clever Use of Space’ – into the future of mobility and interpret them in a typically MINI way,” explained MINI boss Bernd Körber.

The concept is fully electric, incorporates autonomous technology and shows how MINI can maximise interior space for compact cars.

Why not head over to where you’ll find a whole host of thought-provoking #NEXTGen insights and revealing glimpses behind the scenes at BMW. And we are thrilled to announce that MINI is unveiling the MINI Vision Urbanaut - providing an exciting look into the future of mobility. Make it your space. Come join us.


The MINI Vision Urbanaut is a vision vehicle that makes the most of a small footprint. 


In a world in which the boundaries between work and leisure, nature and architecture, and real and digital worlds are becoming increasingly blurred, the car’s creative spacious concept shows what individual mobility of the future could look like.


The next step towards our future.