MINI Announces PAW-fect partnership WITH DOGS TRUST. image

MINI Announces PAW-fect partnership WITH DOGS TRUST.

Joe Duffy MINI were delighted to be chosen as the location for MINI Ireland and Dog's trust to announce their partnership in June 2022.  There has been a huge increase in demand for dogs in Ireland since the start of the pandemic, with more and more people looking to take a dog into their family, meaning man’s faithful friend has never been more prevalent in our lives, or our communities.

Julie Bothwell, Head of Sales and Marketing for MINI Ireland says, “As people return to work since the pandemic, there is a huge need for dog charities such as Dogs Trust, so we are looking forward to supporting them.



The team at Joe Duffy MINI LOVE the idea of having dogs in the dealership and we have completed our Dog Friendly Training.

Keep your eyes peeled for our certificate, which we have proudly displayed in our Showroom!


Don't hesitate to ask us questions about what model or accessories are best for your pooch and if your family dog is allowed to have treats and snacks, then ask out team about what we have on hand to treat your furry friend with when you're on site visiting us. 


“With more dogs in families now than ever before, we want to help make sure they travel safely and enjoy the ride. It’s just as important to us that our four-legged customers love being in a MINI as much as the drivers do and we have had a lot of fun letting dogs of all shapes and sizes put our cars through the ultimate tail-wagging tests. As our partnership continues we are really looking forward to working with Dogs Trust to help us support our MINI and dog-loving customers across the car buying and ownership journey, as we strive to become Ireland’s first officially dog-friendly car retailer.”

While all Irish MINI retailers will be welcoming dogs through the doors with important doggy equipment such as bowls and mats, MINI will also be working with Dogs Trust canine behaviour experts to educate consumers on best practice for happy dog car journeys.


Karla Dunne, Group Head of Operations, Veterinary and Behaviour at Dogs Trust Ireland says, “As Ireland’s largest dog welfare charity, we’re delighted to be part of MINI’s journey to becoming fully dog friendly.

“It’s really important that your car is right for the whole family, including your four-legged passenger, whose needs and safety requirements are slightly different to ours. It’s wonderful to see MINI, such an iconic automotive brand, considering the needs of dog owners, so they can make sure their beloved canine family members are safe and comfortable when on the road.”

Helping the dogs of Ireland to travel happier, MINI stocks a range of dog travel products which includes a dog guard and rear compartment mat, everything MINI owners need to ensure their dog is safe, comfortable, and content in their vehicle.

So, whether your family includes a Toy Poodle, a Labrador, or a Maltese crossbreed, MINI can ensure life is as bright from the boot as it is from behind the wheel! The generous boot space of the MINI Countryman, the convenient split rear doors of the MINI Clubman, ease of access, smooth handling, high quality interiors and the new dog pack, mean that every pooch can be matched with its perfect MINI partner.

To find out more about the MINI and Dogs Trust Ireland partnership, call into Joe Duffy MINI and ask a member of the team. 

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