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Get a Valuation For Your Car

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Get A Valuation!

How To Sell Your Car

Even if you don't buy one of our cars, we are still looking to buy your car. There is a simple process. All you have to do is complete our online appraisal form and we will send you an offer for your car which is valid for 5 days (pending inspection). 

Fill In Your Details

Our online form will ask you for some details and photographs of your vehicle

Receive a Value

Once your details have been reviewed, you will receive cash offer valid for 5 days

Book an Appointment

A member of our team will meet you at any of our nationwide drop off points

Sell Your Car

Receive payment to you bank account within the next day*

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Why sell your car to us?

  • We have buyers with over 90 years experience in purchasing cars and they know the market
  • We have been in business for over 50 years and are a trusted name
  • We Can Make The Decision to Buy Your Car Straight Away
  • Get Our Next Day Payment guarantee*
  • No potentially expensive advertising costs
  • Selling privately can be time consuming, to find a private buyer can take months while the vehicle may be depreciating hundreds of euro each month
  • Don't bother with the hassle of people coming to your home to view, are they even insured to drive? Are they serious buyers or do they just like looking at cars?
  • Avoid Scammers.. you have to be careful with so many potential scams when it comes to dealing with private sellers

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I value my car?

We will make you an offer for your car regardless of whether or not you buy one of ours. There are two ways you can get an offer for your vehicle.

Visit us in person

Visit one of our locations and we will carry out a fast, free, no-obligation valuation on your car. Our team will look over your vehicle, take photographs of your car recording the mileage, the condition inside and out , including the tyre depth. The process will take about 30 minutes, and we can provide you with a printed cash offer for your car, which is valid for five days


Log on to our website from your smartphone and fill in the form using our online appraisal system. The process is very quick. You just need to take six pictures of your car using your Android or Apple phone and answer a few questions regarding the mileage, condition and service history of your car. We will then get back to you in writing within 1 hour during store opening hours with an offer which is subject to inspection at one of our locations - Audi North Dublin, Audi Limerick or Audi Approved: plus Drogheda.

Factors that influence the valuations include age, condition, mileage and the current market value for the vehicle. You don't have to be buying a car from us in order to recieve a valuation. All valuations will be given in writing and are valid for five days, so you have time to decide if it's right for you.

What documents do I need to provide? 
  1. The Car's registration document (as well as proof of purchase if requested by us)
  2. The service history for the car(if any);
  3. The NCT certificate (if any); and
  4. The user manuals (if any)
What you will need to sell or trade in? 

Here are a few items you will need if you are selling or part-exchanging a car to us, which are needed for us to purchase the vehicle.

  1. A valid and current vehicle registration document. In order to confirm ownership
  2. A valid NCT test and all service history applicable to the vehicle
  3. A valid photo ID and Passport
  4. All Keys and fobs for the car if only one key is supplied this will incur a charge of €250


*This information is required for a final offer to be made

What if I still owe money on my car? 

If you have finance outstanding on the vehicle, we will need to contact your finance provider to get an up to date settlement figure. If your vehicle has had finance that is now settled, we need confirmation in writing from the finance company that all outstanding finance is cleared. Should the payment for the finance be more than the offer for the car, the difference is called negative equity, and this difference needs to be paid to ourselves in advance.​

How can I complete the purchase? 

All offers that we make to purchase cars can only be made on our our App and website. The offer needs to be accepted together with the final inspection. We also need all paperwork, keys (we will deduct €250 from the price if only one key is provided), proof of title, and confirmation that the car has no outstanding finance. We will then ask you to sign a change of ownership form, copy of our purchase agreement to confirm that the car has not been stolen or subject to an insurance or total loss claim, all outstanding taxes have been paid and is actually your property. Payment will be made to you directly into your bank account or we can offset the payment if you are buying a car from us.