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Tyre Price Match

Know your limits!


Did you know it is an offence to drive with defective or worn tyres and you risk a fine of €80 and up to 4 penalty points upon conviction? We offer a range of premium tyres on our price match guarantee scheme and we will refund you the difference of your tyres if you find a better price for the identical tyre within 7 days.


Tyre Price Match Promise. Premium Brand Tyres fitted by Lotus Specially Trained Technicians.

Defective tyres were the most significant factor in vehicle-related fatalities killing 71 people in Ireland over the past five years. 

When it’s time to change your tyres, it’s important to have the job done professionally. Contact Lotus Dublin to get competitively priced tyres fitted by our professionals.


Checking tread depth
Most tyres have wear indicators: rubber bars incorporated into the tread pattern. When they are level with the tyre surface, the tyres must be changed. However, it is generally recommended to change tyres when they reach a minimum 4mm tread depth.

During a Complimentary Vehicle Health Check our trained technicians will check the main components of your vehicle including tyre tread depth and change them for you if required.

Tyre Pressure
Pressure makes a big difference to how your tyres perform. If you have received an alert on your dashboard about your tyre pressure or haven’t looked at them in a while, they will need to be checked. If your tyre pressure is too low (A), you’ll end up with uneven tyre wear and poor grip when cornering – something you’ll especially want to avoid during wintery conditions. If the pressure is too high (B), you’ll suffer from severe tread wear – so your tyres won’t last as long. It will also make steering difficult and increase fuel consumption. The wrong pressure also increases braking distance. Tyres with the correct pressure (C) last longer, reduce fuel consumption and contribute to safe road holding. If the tyre pressure changes suddenly or repeatedly, you should contact us immediately.

*Terms and conditions apply: Quotes must be produced in writing (email or printed) and quoted using only Genuine Parts (including personalised online quotes). Like for like content of quote must be for exactly comparable work – we reserve the right to verify this. Offer is for Retail customers only. Servicing or repair must be in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines.