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Lotus Emeya



A meeting of worlds.


Powerful and precise.

Daring and delicate.

Ambitious and understand.


Bridging past and future;

Performance and design;

Luxury and efficiency;

Emotion and logic.


Born on the track,

at home on the road.




The Emeya uses 800V battery technology with Advanced Lotus Hyper Charging,
so you spend less time waiting and more time driving.





From the runway to the highway

Luxuriously sustainable upcycled fabrics are crafted from fashion industry off-cuts for a premium finish.


Carbon fibre couture

Extensive use of carbon fibre across the Emeya interior and exterior reduces weight while enhancing the performance-driven atmosphere.



Is Emeya a true Lotus?

Yes, 100% it is a true Lotus. It is the epitome of beautiful design, efficient and elegant engineering solutions, embracing technology, the best craftsmanship, advanced materials, innovation and ingenuity, and pushing new boundaries. These are the very things which made Lotus great in the first place. Emeya takes the heart and soul of the latest Lotus sports car – the Emira – and delivers class-leading ride and handling, plus beautifully weighted steering that gives the driver fantastic feedback. Emeya takes the revolutionary aerodynamic performance of the first Lotus hypercar – the Evija – and reinterprets it for a Hyper-GT. The active front grille means optimised range and efficiency, plus additional downforce for a superior driving experience. Emeya embraces luxury of the first Lotus Hyper-SUV – the Eletre – and reimagines this for the Hyper-GT. The luxury interior cabin means that Emeya is not only fun to drive but a pleasure to travel in. These topics – thrilling dynamics, ride and handling, optimised aerodynamics, world-class design – are where Lotus has pioneered and dominated throughout its 75-year history, on road cars and race cars. That’s why Emeya is a true Lotus.

What defines this car as a GT?

Aimed at performance-oriented drivers, the Emeya is for those seeking a confident and dynamic experience, a sense of celebration and a strong connection to the road. It takes the core principles and Lotus DNA from 75 years of sports car design, evolving them into a highly desirable four-door Hyper-GT.

How low is the centre of gravity compared to something like the Eletre?

Emeya has a lower centre of mass of up to 442mm, compared to Eletre at 540mm. This allows the weight to be distributed lower to the ground to provide enhanced stability and dynamic performance.

Can Lotus compete with credibility in the premium E segment

Absolutely we can! We have 75 years of designing and engineering critically acclaimed performance cars, so launching a performance Hyper-GT is the next logical step for Lotus. We have a huge wealth of talent around the world which has helped design, engineer and manufacture Emeya.

You’ve talked about this new generation of Lotus cars being ‘Born British Raised Globally’. Can you explain that in relation to Emeya?

Emeya is a worldwide collaboration between the best of the best – design from the Lotus Design team in the UK led by Ben Payne, our new VP Design Lotus Group; vehicle attributes and that sprinkling of Lotus magic from the UK team at Hethel; the overall architecture and its EV technology from the Lotus Tech team in China; engineering and vehicle dynamics from the Lotus Innovation Centre in Raunheim, Germany. That’s a dream team of global expertise.

Where is the car being built?

The manufacture of the Emeya, similar to the Eletre, is in one of the most modern automotive production facilities in the world, in Wuhan, China. The factory is owned by Geely Holding Group, and it is dedicated to making only Lotus products.

What is the range for the Emeya?

This is information we will be making public over the next few months. Emeya range is expected to be broadly similar to that of the Eletre.

Is there a four-seater and five-seater cabin option?

Yes, the five-seat configuration is standard with the four-seat configuration as an option.

Which markets will it be on sale in?

All Lotus road cars are designed and engineered to be sold in all major international markets. That started with the Evija, the Emira and the Eletre, and continues with the Emeya.

How much will Emeya cost?

Prices for Emeya will be similar to those for the Eletre across global markets. We will be confirming more details on pricing and specs in the coming months.

Where can I get more information?

Online, the Lotus Customer Care team or at your local dealer


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