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Complimentary Vehicle Health Check

Maintain Your Vehicle

Maintenance of your vehicle is a top priority especially when it comes to wear and tear items. To ensure your vehicle stays in top condition our Trained Technicians are on site to perform a Complimentary Vehicle Health Check. Key areas of your vehicle are assessed to ensure your safety on the road before you leave the workshop. At the end of this check you will be presented with a report classifying each item as being:

Does Not Require Attention

Advisory Requires Attention

Requires Immediate Attention

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The thread depth of your tyres will be checked and if your tyres need to be changed urgently we will advise of this on the day. Or if they need to be looked at in the coming months, or do not need any attention at this time.

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Stopping Distances

In wet conditions, the thread depth of your tyres is vital when it comes to the stopping distances of your vehicle. In order for your vehicle to react in these conditions, the higher the thread depth the shorter the reaction time it will take for you vehicle to stop in an emergency situation - the importance of this is huge for your safety. 

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Brake Pads

During your Vehicle Health Check, our technicians will check your brake pads, measuring the thickness that remains which determines there effectiveness. The thinner the brake pad is from pressing against your brake discs over time is how our technicians will advise you if you need to change them.

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Brake Discs

Just like brake pads, brake discs wear down over time. Again their effectiveness plays a vital roll in the slowing down and stopping of your vehicle. Our Ford technicians refer to the manufacturers guidelines to compare your brake discs to the standard they set out. If your brake discs don't match the % standard of wear set out by the manufacturer this will be advised to you on the day to decide if you need to change your discs or not.

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