Volvo Finance Options

With numerous ways available to buy the new Volvo you always wanted, you no longer have to put forward the full value in order to have a new car in your driveway. So what are your options? Regular personal loans from credit unions and banks, hire purchase finance where you pay a deposit and monthly repayments until you own the car. More recently, and now becoming the most popular option to buy a new Volvo, is PCP finance (Personal Contract Plan). Volvo PCP is simple; You choose your ideal car, the one that matches your needs and is made for you. Next, you choose your repayment period; 36 months for example. Finally, just let our sales team know your annual mileage? That's it. We now have all details we need to draw up a finance plan for you tailored to suit your lifestyle. To hear more about Volvo finance, contact our sales staff today.