Volkswagen Genuine Timing Belts €549 With Water Pump
Strong, flexible and developed for your engine.

A timing belt made of a solid material, which reliably transfers power for longer – in extreme heat and cold, but which is flexible enough to adapt and to keep tension constant. That is what your engine would wish for from a timing belt. That is why we have designed Volkswagen Genuine Timing Belts exactly like this – matched to your Volkswagen.

  • Perfectly matched to Volkswagen’s engine, tensioner and idler pulleys. For fewer noises and smoother running performance.
  • Efficient, Reliable transmission of power. Maximum change interval of up to 360,000 km.
  • Resilient & inherently robust – up to 360,000 km. Thanks to glass and synthetic fibres and an abrasion-resistant coating. Even in extreme conditions.

What is the function of a timing belt?

A timing belt transfers power from the crankshaft to the camshaft. This causes the engine’s valves to open and close. The fuel/air mixture enters the combustion chamber, combusts and drives the pistons. The timing belt also often controls the water pump.

Why have it inspected regularly and changed in good time?

An old or heavily worn timing belt may tear and cause engine damage. Reason: The engine’s valve control loses its rhythm, the piston hits the valve like a bullet – often at 15 m/s. The entire cylinder head usually needs to be replaced.

When is it time for a timing belt change?

A timing belt lasts up to 360,000 km, depending on model, engine and driving style. Nevertheless, have it checked every now and then – by, say, your Volkswagen Partner within your Service Intervals. Especially if you drive a lot of short distances, your Volkswagen is frequently left running while stationary (e.g. taxi) or if you have already driven more than 240,000 km. Tip: It is also best to have your new used car checked immediately.

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