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Volkswagen Golf – King of the Family Hatchbacks

The Volkswagen Golf has been awarded “King of the family Hatchbacks” by the Irish Times and comes in at an impressive number 3 in the Irish Times 100 best cars of 2018. There's no doubt that the Volkswagen Golf has earned its place at the front of the family hatchback pack. With a strong resale value and a range of fuel-efficient turbocharged engines, it won’t cost you the world to run either. Ask somebody to think of a hatchback, and the Volkswagen Golf is likely to be at the top of the list. It's been around since 1974, and over the years has evolved into one of the most popular cars on sale in Ireland.

The Golf's strong points include its air of solidity, classy and understated looks, effortless refinement and a wide variety of engines with varying levels of performance and economy. The Golf rides more comfortably than other family cars. Its suspension is supple enough to take the worst out of big bumps and potholes, while the ride remains brilliantly composed over the patched-up surfaces you find in most towns and cities.

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