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Volkswagen seeMore – experience even more on your smartphone & tablet

Downloading the Volkswagen seeMore app onto your smartphone or tablet gives you the chance to experience even more. The popular seeMore app provides additional digital content for imagery in brochures, printed advertisements, TV & radio, and transforms a trip to your Volkswagen dealership into a truly interactive experience. Combining state-of-the-art augmented reality and virtual reality technology, the Volkswagen seeMore app now offers more than ever before, and it’s free to download!

Experience your dream car now

Your journey of discovery begins with the app icon or the seeMore Best-Of compilation available in the app itself. You’ll find the icon on printed adverts and posters, TV adverts, supplements in Volkswagen brochures, or on real-life vehicle models. Just a few seconds after using the seeMore scanner on images or objects where you see the seeMore logo, equipment options, assistance systems and sound systems will be brought to life on an amazing three-dimensional vehicle. Don’t have a Volkswagen advert or vehicle close to hand? 

Then simply use the seeMore 3D car models in the app to access augmented reality content for your dream car. The object placement function enables you to experience and configure many popular models including the Golf, Polo, Passat, Jetta and the all new Touran, with a full-size 360° display right in the middle of your surroundings. Park your new Passat, configured in your favourite colour and wheels, outside your front door.

You can also use this state-of-the-art technology to scan real vehicles

Volkswagen seeMore offers you the unique chance to experience Volkswagen models in a new interactive way. Use the vehicle scanner to take a digital journey of discovery through real seeMore compatible Volkswagen models – test them on the road or visit the Joe Duffy Volkswagen Dublin Dealership today! Use this exciting state-of-the-art technology to change the colours and wheels.

Exhilaration comes as standard.

For example, Volkswagen seeMore also comes with its own Retailer search, helping you to find your nearest Volkswagen dealership in just a few simple taps. Additional functions such as the Volkswagen 3D car model function and the integrated social network share and feedback function provide the perfect finishing touch to the Volkswagen seeMore app package.

Start your journey of discovery

Simply download the FREE Volkswagen seeMore app (search “seeMore”) from Google Play or the App Store and use the scanner to start your digital Volkswagen adventure. Merge the real world with a virtual world of cars, and enjoy a fun, informative and interactive experience with Volkswagen.