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New Touareg has arrived at Joe Duffy

Did you know the name “Touareg” comes from the nomadic people of Northern Africa known as “Tuareg”? The first Touareg SUV was introduced in 2002 and was Volkswagen's first four wheel drive SUV. Volkswagen recently introduced the fifth generation Touareg and it’s now available to test drive at Joe Duffy.

So what’s the difference between the old Touareg and the new? The new version is bigger, more comfortable, more eco-friendly and equipped with more technology. Volkswagen have named the inside driving cabin its “Innovision Cockpit” which includes two large screens and Volkswagen’s first “Heads-up Display” displaying sat-nav instructions, speed limits, your current speed and cruise control information on the driver's windshield.

The new Touareg is equipped as standard with 19-inch alloys, heated front seats, adaptive cruise control, pedestrian protection measures & a convenient folding tow-hitch. The interior is stunning especially at night when the driving cabin interior lights up along the dashboard. Say goodbye to manual buttons, with the central display system you can adjust the seats, stereo, navigation system, climate control and virtually everything else. In addition, the new Touareg exterior is the most sporty and edgiest in appearance yet.

If you have a growing family and are looking to upgrade to a bigger vehicle, look no further than the new Touareg. This SUV is perfect for a family with its spacious cabin and boot. Not only is it suitable for a family, it is ideal for agriculture workers, construction workers or any situation where you need to tow a trailer or carry a heavy load. The new Touareg is capable of towing up to 680 KG's and the roof rack has a weight capacity of 68 KG's.

Enjoy Bob Flavin’s fantastic review of the new Touareg below or find out more about it here.


Available to test drive now at Joe Duffy Volkswagen.

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