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We've been off the road for some time, but it's time to start our new journey.

It's time to experience the joy of driving again.

We took advantage of our glorious weather and our stunning North Dublin location. What a great excuse to take our unbelievable range out for a test drive.

Gliding down the magnificent Malahide Estuary to where the Swans take centre stage, we knew just how to upstage these little beauties! Introducing the Volkswagen Golf MK8.

The Swan - a symbol of grace and beauty, much like our ever popular Volkswagen Golf, dazzling in pure white, dancing on the waters edge with eclectic features like a refreshed exterior, with intricately designed headlights and a wider profile, alongside superior technology. For a more comfortable, intelligent and connected generation.

As we roared along the coast, heads turned in awe at the beautiful beast emerging over the horizon.

Introducing the powerful Volkswagen T Roc R with 300 BHP. Sporty. From start to finish: the combination of a powerful engine and cutting edge steering and braking technology is perfect for all those who don’t just appreciate a sporty design, but want to live out that sportiness on every journey.