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The All-New Golf GTE

Double the driving pleasure: The Golf GTE plug-in Hybrid

Driving pleasure as standard: the maximum output of the Golf GTE Plug-in Hybrid is 180 kW (245 PS). This impressive value is achieved thanks to the model’s efficient plug-in hybrid technology.

Offering you a sporty, elegant appearance

Agility and aerodynamics – the Golf GTE Plug-in Hybrid has not just internalised these values, it also wears them on its sleeve. For instance, they are clearly demonstrated by the blue trim strip that stretches across the entire front from the Volkswagen badge to the dynamic design of the IQ.LIGHTs/ - LED Matrix headlights. As a GTE, it doesn’t have to hide its tailpipes away, though behind the chrome-plated diffuser is still a good position. That’s because, when it’s combined with the striking LED tail light clusters and roof spoiler, it makes sure the entire rear has an extra bold impact.


The Golf GTE Plug-in Hybrid is already fitted with visibly dynamic IQ.LIGHTs/ - LED Matrix headlights as standard that stretch all the way round to the side wings, while sleek LED tail light clusters dominate at the rear. Your Golf GTE Plug-in Hybrid's extra powerful IQ.LIGHT/ - LED Matrix headlights are fitted with the “Dynamic Light Assist” main-beam control to light up the road. IQ.LIGHTs/ also display innovative dynamic turn signals that use an animated strip of lights to show which way you are turning.

Marathon runner or sprinter? The range of wheels offers you both.

Understatement or show – which do you prefer? With the wheels for the Golf GTE Plug-in Hybrid, you can enhance your personal style – and arrive looking great.

He finds you well. And you will find it easier.

With exterior background lighting fitted as standard, your new Golf GTE Plug-in Hybrid will welcome you before you’ve even climbed aboard. Operate your remote control key or simply approach the vehicle thanks to Keyless Access with SAFELOCK, fitted as standard, and the vehicle's headlights and tail lights will light up. The door handle recesses and blue strip in the radiator grille will also light up and your new Golf GTE Plug-in Hybrid will welcome you with light projected out of the exterior mirrors onto the floor.

Your Golf GTE Plug-in Hybrid features power and efficiency

The powerful hybrid drive in the Golf GTE Plug-in Hybrid is made up of an almost silent electric motor with seamless power transmission and an innovative 1.4 l TSI direct injection petrol engine with 110 kW (150 PS), which generates an incredibly dynamic drive with low consumption. When combined, the motor and engine accelerate the Golf GTE Plug-in Hybrid from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.7 seconds – and up to a top speed of 225 km/h. While doing so, they deliver power of up to 180 kW (245 PS) and generate a formidable torque of up to 400 Nm. In addition to the three intuitive hybrid operating modes, the pure electric e-mode is ideal for urban centres – and can be used for distances of up to 62 km (NEDC)*. This means: You can drive with electricity in the city, use both power units when overtaking on country roads, and the TSI engine then increases the range on long trips. Once you get back home again, you can recharge the electric motor’s battery in no more than 5 hours using a normal socket. With the optional wallbox or at a public charging station, including the optional Mode 3 Type 2 charging cable, the battery can reach a full charge in as few as 3 hours and 40 minutes.

* Depending on the driving style and power requirements of internal consumers, such as air conditioning or lighting. In this way, you can drive many everyday routes inexpensively and, above all, locally emission-free - day after day.

You will get further than you think with one battery charge

Why fuel with petrol when electricity is cheaper? With the Golf GTE Plug-in Hybrid, you can charge the battery for your electric motor easily using a normal domestic socket. After no more than 5 hours, the liquid-cooled lithium-ion rechargeable battery is fully charged and gives you a range of up to 62 kilometres (as per NEDC)*. With the optional wallbox or at a public charging station, including the optional Mode 3 Type 2 charging cable, the battery can reach a full charge in as few as 3 hours and 40 minutes.

* Depending on your driving style and the power required by internal consumers such as air conditioning or lighting. In this way you can drive many everyday routes cheaply and, above all, free of emissions on a local level – day after day.

No more gear changes, but no less fun

Climb in and hit the gas: the DSG dual clutch gearbox with its brand new smaller selector lever guarantees fun behind the wheel without any interruptions. That’s because you can change seamlessly between the gears and even reduce your fuel consumption. Pressing on the selector lever enables you to easily select your chosen driving mode, which is then activated via the electrically connected shift-by-wire gearbox. Particularly handy in a traffic jam: When combined with the optional Travel Assist feature, the system can help you to pull away and brake.  

Outside: Fast-paced.
Inside: Chilled out.

All of the components inside the Golf GTE Plug-in Hybrid are carefully tailored to one another to give the vehicle its distinctively sporty look. This starts with the stainless steel pedals and extends to the decorative trims and hallmark stitching all the way to the black headliner. The LED background lighting adds accents of light in all the right places. And you’ll also notice straight away that the digital future has arrived in the cockpit. These features are dominated by high-resolution displays and the majority of functions, like the radio, air conditioning system and lighting, can be operated using touch-sensitive surfaces and sliders. Let’s touch.

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