The California

Leaves nothing to be desired.

What began with the Volkswagen camper as a rolling symbol for independence and freedom, has become a true home on four wheels in the California. There is no better way to add to the success fo a legend. And no better way to express your current attitude to life.

Comfort in a small space.

The elevating roof of the California can be set up in just a few easy steps at your holiday destination or at a stopover. This way, you can create lots of room to move around in the passenger compartment and as night falls you can transform the upper level into a comfortable reclining area. The set-up of the elevating roof must be carried out manually in the California Coast and in the California Ocean the elevating roof is operated electro-hydraulically.

Experience maximum comfort even when asleep.

As night falls all around, the atmosphere inside is especially cosy. You can then transform the California into a bedroom with up to four adequately sized beds in just a few easy steps.

Preparing a tasty meal anywhere and at any time can be so simple.

A kitchen on wheels: The California Coast and Ocean offer you a fully functional kitchenette with a cool box, sink/stove kitchen unit and more.

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