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The All-New Arteon Shooting Brake

The all-new Arteon Shooting Brake​

More space for style and comfort

From the sleek roof line and the impressive amount of space in the luggage compartment to the premium design of the all-new Arteon Shooting Brake, this impressive new model is a prime example of how to combine exclusivity with practicality.​


Exterior - Taking confidence to a new level

The striking rear design of the all-new Arteon Shooting Brake makes it stand out within its class. Anyone wishing to particularly emphasise the stylishness or sportiness of the all-new Arteon Shooting Brake can choose from the Elegance or R-Line equipment variants, with the addition of specific features.

LED tail light cluster - Trailblazing light design

The new LED-design tail light clusters help to highlight the striking rear of the all-new Arteon Shooting Brake. The tail light clusters are also optionally available in a dynamic design. The 3D LED tail lights are standard on Elegance and R-Line. They produce a 3D-effect and switch between the tail and brake lights during braking. This is complemented by the additional swiping turn signal function. Plus, the entry lighting and exit lighting functions helpfully light the way to guide you to your car or front door.

Wheels - Looking good: the wheel range

A wide range of sporty and elegant alloy wheels help emphasise your all-new Arteon Shooting Brake's attractive design.

Interior - Invitingly comfortable

The spacious interior welcomes you with luxurious comfort. All of the controls are completely adapted to your requirements, while the beautifully coordinated colours and materials create an ambience of exclusivity. No matter which variant you choose, depending on the equipment line, you have a variety of seat covers to choose from. From fabric to ArtVelours or even Nappa leather, the choice is yours. Aluminium or fine wood inserts round off the stylish impression of the interior. Seeing and feeling: this interior will allow you to truly enjoy every moment of your journey in absolute comfort.

Background Lighting - Creates light accents

Immerse the interior in your favourite colour. White background lighting uses indirect lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Optionally also available with 30 different colours
  • The dash panel, centre console and also the front and rear doors are gently illuminated
  • In combination with the Digital Cockpit Pro, the chosen colour is applied in the digital displays

Digital Comfort​

Digital Cockpit Pro - The essentials at a glance

Classic speedometer or high-resolution navigation map? Why choose? The Digital Cockpit Pro offers both at the same time:

  • High-resolution 26 cm (10.25-inch) TFT colour display
  • Different configurable displays
  • Access to detailed driving data on the multifunction steering wheel or the infotainment system
  • 2D and 3D map view
  • Targeted zoom into the navigation map
  • Full displays of selected information
  • Navigation maps and media displays can be combined

Touch Operation - A touch more intuitive

The classic function knobs in the cockpit have largely made way for touch-sensitive surfaces in the all new Arteon Shooting Brake. This allows you to control the optional Climatronic, for example, simply and intuitively using buttons and sliders.

Even the leather sports multifunction steering wheel* can be operated with a simple tap of the finger. In combination with the intelligent menu navigation you have access to lots of functions. Haptic feedback through gentle vibration confirms every entry.

* Standard for Arteon Shooting Brake Elegance and Arteon Shooting Brake R-Line, not available for Arteon Shooting Brake

Radio and navigation - Pioneering and pace-setting

The new Arteon/Arteon Shooting Brake not only comfortably gets you from A to B, the standard "Ready 2 Discover" system also provides comprehensive on-board media equipment. This includes:20.3 cm (8-inch) TFT colour display with touchscreen and proximity sensors

  • FM radio and diversity aerial for optimum reception
  • Front and rear loudspeakers
  • MP3, AAC and WMA compatible
  • Two USB interfaces (Type C)
  • Bluetooth connection for mobile phones
  • Integrated eSim for seamless connectivity
  • Streaming & Internet**
  • One year free-of-charge use of We Connect Plus, incl. We Connect*
  • App-Connect**, incl. App-Connect Wireless for Apple CarPlay™
  • Navigation and Route Guidance
Do you want to take one step further toward a digital future? No problem. This is why you have the choice of the optional “Discover Pro” navigation system.

Harman Kardon - Beautiful music, beautifully packaged

Assistance Systems

Travel Assist - Keeps you on track. And other road users at a distance.

Travel Assist is standard on Elegance and R Line DSG models and is an extremely practical driver assist system. At the touch of a button, it ensures driving comfort* by providing assistance in monotonous and tiring driving situations.

  • Particularly on motorways and good country roads, Travel Assist can keep you in lane and maintain your speed, taking into account the distance to the traffic ahead.
  • It helps you to cope effortlessly with congestion and stop-start traffic with the aid of the DSG dual clutch gearbox.

* Within the system’s capabilities and Drivers must be prepared to override the assist systems at all times and are not absolved of their responsibility to drive the vehicle with due care.

Front Assist - A moment of shock? Not with your all new Arteon Shooting Brake.

The ‘Front Assist’ Autonomous Emergency Braking system with pedestrian detection can provide assistance when there is a risk of a rear-end collision and take action to reduce the severity of the accident or – ideally – to avoid the accident altogether.* It can detect pedestrians and vehicles on the road and warn the driver in good time when pedestrians or vehicles are detected. If the driver does not react, the system can initiate emergency braking.*

* Within the limits of the system

Park Assist - Good to drive parks itself

Your all new Arteon Shooting Brake with the optional Park Assist system not only tells you whether a parking space is large enough as you drive past it – it will also park for you*,**. You operate the clutch, accelerator and brake. It does the rest!

  • Sensors scan suitable parking spaces (at up to 40 km/h)
  • Parallel parking spaces must be at least as long as the vehicle plus 80 cm for the system to park in them and must have at least 25 cm in front of and behind the vehicle for the system to manoeuvre out of the space
  • Parking bays must have at least 35 cm space on each side

* Process can be deactivated at any time
**Within the system’s limitations

For full terms and conditions, visit Volkswagen.ie.

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