Combined Guaranteed Asset Protection

When purchasing a vehicle you need to consider protecting yourself against probably the single biggest financial risk associated withownership; the risk of your vehicle being declared a write-off.

Your comprehensive motor insurance does not cover everything. In the event of your vehicle being declared a write-off, you could be left with a significant difference between your motor insurance payoutand what you paid for the vehicle or owe your finance company. The graph below is an example of how motor insurance works.

Motor insurance only covers you for the market value of your vehicle at the time it is declared a write-off.

Combined Guaranteed Asset Protection is subject to the terms and conditions contained in the policy schedule. You should note that there are certain limitations in terms of the maximum amount you may claim. Please ask your sales executive for further details.

Can you give me an example?

If you bought your vehicle outright and paid €26,500 for it and

your motor insurance pay-out is €15,000, RTI can pay up to the

difference of €11,500 to top it up to the original €26,500. If you

financed your vehicle and paid €26,500 and your motor insurance

pay-out is €15,000, and your outstanding finance payment was

€18,000 Finance GAP insurance may pay-out up to €3,000.

Combined Guaranteed Asset Protection will pay-out the greater

of the Finance GAP or RTI amount.

Significant benefits

Policy duration

Cover is available for varying durations, depending on your

requirements and according to the terms of your finance

agreement. Cover ends earlier in the event of a paid claim or if the

vehicle is no longer in your possession.


Provides a contribution of up to €250 towards your motor

insurance policy excess.


A range of claim limits are available depending on the premium

paid and the purchase price of your vehicle.

Vehicle accessories covered

As long as accessories are fitted by the dealer and are

manufacturer approved, we will cover up to €1,500 of extras.

Manufacturer fitted accessories are covered.


If during the first year of cover, the vehicle is written off and

you get a replacement vehicle on a “new for old” basis, you can

transfer the remaining duration of the policy to your replacement

vehicle free of charge. You may then subsequently, at any time,

transfer any remaining period of insurance on the policy due to a

further change of vehicle, on payment of an administration fee of

€35, as long as the replacement vehicle falls within the price range

specified in your policy schedule.


If, for any reason, you wish to cancel your policy and you do so

within 30 days, and no claim has been registered with AutoProtect

during this time, we will give you a full refund. After that, you may

still cancel at any point, subject to a €35 administration fee. You

will receive a pro-rata refund reflecting the length of the term


Simple to arrange

Your sales executive will be happy to answer any questions you

may have and confirm your eligibility for Combined Guaranteed

Asset Protection.