Alloy Wheel Insurance

No matter how careful you are, scuffs and scratches seem to be a fact of motoring life.

Unless you have Alloy Wheel Insurance.

No more inconvenient, pricey trips to the body shop. If your claim is successful, we arrange for a specialist to come and make wheel repairs at your home or workplace at a time that suits. 

Significant Benefits and Features

  • Covers you for the cost of repairs from accidental damage to your alloy wheels.
  • We pay an expert to restore scuffs and scratches.
  • You can claim up to €150 per wheel (up to a total of €1,000 per period of insurance).
  • An excess of €25 per repair is payable.
  • You can claim a maximum of two repairs per annum (up to a total of six per period of insurance).
  • Exclusions

  • Liability cover.
  • Body shop repairs.
  • Customised paint finishes.
  • Chrome-effect, diamond-cut or split-rim construction wheels.