The Best Tech For Irish Drivers In 2018

With technology moving at such a pace, the Irish driver is spoilt for choice. Apps, gadgets, tools and tech are designed to make our driving experience safer, faster, more comfortable and budget friendly. Joe Duffy has gone back to the future and looked at what technology is out there for 2018.

Pumps App

If you're keen to keep costs down this free App is the one for you. It compares petrol and diesel prices across Ireland and has thousands of stations in its database. The key feature is its price engine, which automatically updates you of the cheapest fuel options based on your current location. You can also search by fuel type, date, relevance and distance. Saving on fuel is just a click away.

Parking Apps

As if traffic wasn't enough to contend with, finding a parking space can be even more frustrating. Now, thanks to Dublin Town Parking App, finding parking is a lot easier than ever. This app gives motorists real-time information on available parking around Dublin city while plotting the best route. With Parking Tag, paying for your parking has never been easier. No more fumbling for change. You just charge the parking fee to your Parking Tag account via the app, text message or phone.


This free app gets you where you're going without the stress with real time information curated by other road users. The constantly updated feed tells you where there are road works, traffic jams, accidents and police traps while offering the fastest route to your destination.

Driving Behaviour

Many insurance companies are now using smartphone apps to monitor driver behaviour, especially amongst new drivers. In the same way 'black box' telematics technology works, these new apps help lower insurance premiums by guiding safer driving behind the wheel. Users are given feedback on driving styles, car service tips, speed and safety.

So there we have it. A round-up of some of the latest technology for Irish drivers at the moment. For more news on new cars for sale , Dublin’s best used cars and more, watch this space. Joe Duffy Group. At your service.