Porsche Club Ireland attended a fascinating Tech Talk

Porsche Club Ireland attended a fascinating Tech Talk by our Gold Meister Technician, Gary Murphy on Saturday in Porsche Centre Dublin. Over 60 members of the club made the journey from various parts of the island.

Gary went into detail on a number of very interesting areas. The day before, Gary had just arrived back in the country after spending some time attending Porsche Taycan training over in England, so he imparted some of his new found knowledge around the Taycan and what is in store from an electrification point of view.

On the day, Gary demonstrated how we setup front and rear camera calibration, 4 wheel geometry checks, how the rear axle steering works on a Panamera Turbo Hybrid and Gary also discussed the diagnostic data on the 911’s. Overall it was a very insightful and passionate talk about the Porsche cars currently on offer. Gary also gave numerous tips about looking after Porsche Classic Cars.

Service Manager John Mahon also gave some insight into his day-to-day and the importance of maintaining your Porsche. John also discussed the Porsche Classic Register. The Register gives owners of classic Porsches a number of benefits. These include 15% off Porsche Classic Parts, 8 wash and vacs over the course of the membership and numerous other benefits.

For more information contact Porsche Centre Dublin on 01 235 3375.