BMW, Ford & VW To Roll Out EV Charging Network Throughout Europe

A group of mainly German car manufacturers are now planning a pan-European network of charging stations by 2020. With Tesla stealing a march on the electric vehicle market, the German giants are looking to close the lead with a network of 400 charging stations.

BMW, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen along with its Audi and Porsche brands, will open 20 stations this year throughout Norway, Austria and Germany and will be 120km apart.

Big Step Forward

With Governments pushing for improved infrastructure, this joint venture is seen as a big step forward in the switch to electric cars.

Heading up the project, Michael Hajesch says "The first pan European plays and essential role in establishing a market for electric vehicles."

With costs estimated to run in to billions of dollars, the project is looking to investment and expertise from manufacturers. Engineering giant Siemens as well as smaller specialists such as ChargePoint are said to be consulting on the project, with fast chargers estimated to cost about €200,000 each.

Big Switch

Motorists are still hesitant to make the switch to electric vehicles due to concerns over battery life. However, this joint venture will cater for several car brands and cater for any issues in terms of distance between charges.

Charge points will offer a 350kW capacity to reduce charging times compared to existing systems. A half hour charge would give a Tesla an extra 190km in driving range. This would be achieved in half the time it currently takes using the industry standard, 50kW.

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