The BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster. Electric Echoes of the Past.

BMW have created a new electric motorcycle, replacing the boxer engine with batteries. The Boxer engine is the heart of BMW Motorrad, but they question what would happen if they were to replace the boxer engine with an electric motor and battery only? The Vision DC Roadster shows this but still retains the iconic appearance of BMW Motorrad but in a new exciting way.

The Vision DC Roadster is designed to turn heads. The exposed drive shafts are a throwback to vintage BMW bikes and even current ones now. The front and rear LED lights are plain in design and try to capture some of the heritage of BMW Motorrad design.

The frame is made from milled aluminum with carbon fiber and lightweight materials throughout. The Grooves in the frame reduce the weight and adds a visual sense of lightness. The red accents represent the powertrain, as they’re all indicative of where the battery, electric motor and cooling elements are

The BMW Motorrad vision DC roadster combines elements of the past with technology of the future. 

BMW Motorrad has also developed a two-piece riding suit along with the Vision DC Roadster. The lightweight jacket has large graphics and shimmery colours, along with the black pants. There are also protectors sewn into the jacket and pants.

The BMW Motorrad vision DC Roadster proves that BMW Motorrad can keep up with the future but also doesn’t have to forget about the past.