R NineT Racer

BMW is taking the future of the Heritage range so seriously it now has an entire department ensuring development of new bikes is perfectly in tune with customer demands. The original BMW R nineT has been a consistent success since it first appeared in 2013 and the addition of the BMW R nineT Scrambler in 2015 has only added to that winning recipe. Now the arrival of two new models is simply mouth-watering.

Bringing a new, sporty look and riding experience to the BMW Heritage range is the R nineT Racer; a deliberate nod to the half-faired sportsbikes that first emerged in the 1970s.

The R nineT Racer is crouched, compact and elongated, it conveys a sense of old-school sporty aspiration with its strikingly short half-fairing, hump seat, stub handlebars and set-back footrests, combining this overall impression with modern technology.

In Lightwhite non-metallic combined with decor that is reminiscent of past BMW Motorsport colours, the R nineT Racer is particularly light and athletic in appearance. The frame, finished in Aluminium Silver, prominently presents an architectural contrast with the black drivetrain, underscoring the standing of the R nineT Racer as an old-school sports motorcycle designed for dynamic riding fun on winding roads.

The R NineT Pure

For a lot of motorcycle fans, less is very often more – which is why they opt for “pure motorcycling” and the kind of motorcycle that credibly and authentically embodies this. BMW Motorrad responded to this trend with the R nineT in 2013 – a model that has enjoyed ongoing success and popularity ever since. This was a good reason for the BMW Motorrad team to follow up with the R nineT Scrambler in 2015, another fascinating specimen of classic motorcycle design which once again received enthusiastic feedback.

The new BMW R nineT Pure has been reduced to the absolute essentials to become the very essence of a purist, classic roadster with only what is needed as part of the package.

The design draws on a blend of both classic and modern stylistic elements of motorcycle construction combined with high-end details such as footrests and fork bridges in forged aluminium with a clear anodised finish.

The fuel tank and front mudguard of the BMW R nineT Pure are finished in the colour Catalano Grey non-metallic. In combination with black for the suspension and drivetrain, this colour emphasises the purist character of the R nineT Pure as a roadster for dynamic, classic riding pleasure on country roads.