The New BMW R nineT /5

The new BMW R nineT /5 exclusive model marks the 50th anniversary of the /5 series and 50 years of BMW Motorrad production in Berlin.

BMW has been making motorcycles since the 1920's and around the 1960's, the production plan couldn't keep up with the demand. BMW focused more on cars then bikes but they decided to open a new plant in Berlin solely focused on bikes. The first models rolled out in 1969 where the R 50/5, R 60/5 and the R 75/5.

The R nineT /5 model celebrates the history of both the model and the Berlin plant. The bike has a couple of throwback features such as heated grips and knee pads. It also has chrome for the rear mirrors, exhaust manifold and rear silencer. ​The double seat contoured in the style of the /5 with cross-embossing on he cover, grab straps and white pipping as well as gaiter on the telescopic. 

The engine, gearbox, fork slider tubes, wheel hubs and spokes are in aluminium silver​. The engine is also a 1,170 cc boxer with 110 HP and the wheels are kitted out in Lupine Blue metallic with certain accents to mark the special occasion.