The new BMW R18 invokes the history and the iconic hallmarks of the BMW brand. after all there’s not many people who would design a new 1800cc air-cooled engine in our emissions obsessed world. But the innovations don’t end with the motor – out back BMW have used something brand new to help it look dead old.

R 18 looks are in a classic black finish with white pinstriped paintwork. Other highlights include numerous chrome surfaces, a seat badge and a

“First Edition” chrome clasp on the side covers.

The double-loop steel tube frame looks like it was lifted straight out of any of a number of pre- and postwar Beemers. The front telescopic forks and what sure looks like a solid rear swing arm wrapping around both sides of the rear wheel are pure functional retro. The black teardrop-shaped gas tank and even the single, circular instrument binnacle match the bike’s ancestral past perfectly.

The seat is a low 27.2 inches, with wide flat plates instead of pegs for your feet, the latter which are located in what BMW says is the “mid-mounted position.”

The new R 18 also offers the three standard riding modes called Rain, Roll, and Rock, each having specifically tailored application of BMW’s ASC and MSR settings.

  • Rain has the gentlest throttle response with the highest level of traction control, ABS, and MSR intervention.
  • Roll is tailored for everyday street use and the ideal performance on a wide range of roads.
  • Rock delivers the full brunt of the R 18’s potential with “spontaneous and direct” throttle response with some wheel-spin.

Among other options, a reverse assist makes manoeuvring convenient, while the Hill Start Control function facilitates uphill starts.

Like no other BMW motorcycle before it, this model stands entirely in the tradition of historical BMW motorcycles – both technically and in terms of design style


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