Where there is a will, there is no need for a way: the GS community has proven this for four decades. We are celebrating the GS attitude to life with legends, stories and our new special editions, paying homage to the early days of the touring enduro. Here's to freedom, to adventure and to you.

Since 1980, the GS has stood for limitless adventure and curiosity, both on and off the road. 40 years ago, we presented the R 80 G/S for the first time as the conceptual pioneer of touring enduros, which laid the foundation for a decades-long success story. We are celebrating this anniversary with the special editions of our versatile GS models. The 40 Years GS editions are each a homage to the #SpiritOfGS. They boast state-of-the-art technology, but their design is inspired by the legendary R 100 GS and reminds us of the origins of the GS.

GS Adventure

Inspired by the icon

State-of-the-art technology, inspired by icons: The 40 Years GS editions are a visual homage to a GS legend: The black and yellow design is inspired by the R 100 GS, which became known under the nickname “Bumblebee”

GS Adventure

She came, she rode and she conquered

When the GS 80 won two gold medals at the Six Days World Championship in 1978, hardly anyone would have guessed that the model series would continue its success and come on the market two years later. The R 80 G/S founded the segment of large-scale touring enduros, which it still dominates today. The GS is considered the most successful German motorbike – and we know why. Anyone who has ever climbed on a GS will quickly notice: riding a GS is an attitude to life.

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