BMW R 18 Classic



The R 18 Classic is a modern cruiser with a nostalgic sense of BMW design. It reminds one of the beginnings, of the first cruisers suitable for touring. It also invokes timeless marks of our motorcycle history, such as with the white double lining found on the R 18 Classic First Edition. The heart of the machine is obviously the boxer with the most displacement we have ever built. It stands for relaxing tours and pure enjoyment.



A cruiser inspired by icons

Streamlined silhouette, high-quality details: The R 18 Classic attracts all eyes to it.

R 18 Classic First Edition

For the R 18 Classic First Edition, we brought back to life distinctive characteristics from BMW Motorrad tradition: The First Edition is characterised by its white double lining and chrome design options as well as the sticker and logo.

R 18 Classic

The pure Black storm metallic emphasises the elongated cruiser silhouette of the bike.


​The drop-shaped tank is an icon from our history and emphasises – as does the elongated end silencer – the typical streamlined flyline of the R 18 Classic. Its double cradle steel frame envelopes the enormous sculptured engine that turns every kilometre into an experience.

Seat with passenger seat
The seat bench consists of two individual seats. You decide whether to start with a passenger seat or not.

Boxer with push rod
Built with conviction, for over 95 years: The R stands for boxer.

LED additional headlights
Typical nostalgic touring bike: two auxiliary headlights.

These ensure relaxed and comfortable handling, as the overall appearance of the bike already suggests.

The large windshield protects the rider from the wind and weather.

Round exhaust pipe, open drive shaft, double cradle frame
Historic bonds, newly interpreted and implemented with quality.
Black tank with double lining and bolted logo
The black tank with double striping is one of the icons of BMW Motorrad history.
Saddle bags
The softbags have 15.5 litres of space for everything you might need on a trip.

Make the bike your own

The flexible overall concept of the R 18 Classic and its extensive range of accessories give you all the freedom you need when designing your own bike. This gives you the opportunity to create a bike according to your own tastes.

An early, high torque ensures the powerful cruiser torque: The 1802 ccm twin-cylinder boxer engine of the R 18 Classic is the boxer with the most displacement we have ever built. An engine you can see, hear, and feel: It delivers its maximum torque of 158 Nm at 3.000 min-1. From 2.000 to 4.000 min-1, it always delivers over 150 Nm, meaning a consistently high torque with the typical running characteristics of a boxer. At 4.750 min-1, the Big Boxer delivers 67 kW (91 hp). Start every tour with some zip.

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