Durable, safe and reliable

We put a lot of hard effort and high standards in the Mazda Genuine Parts engineering and quality assurance process. That’s how Mazda Genuine Parts sustain a long lasting, safe and reliable performance – giving you that distinct pleasure which you get from driving something that’s 100% Mazda.

Our warranty

All Mazda Genuine Parts that are fitted to the car have a 12 month unlimited kilometre warranty.

Mazda Genuine Exchange Parts

Environmentally friendly and competitively priced, Mazda Genuine Exchange Parts are re-manufactured from returned used parts which have been carefully inspected and rebuilt to meet the same quality standards and performance as a new part. We believe in their quality, which is why they have the same warranty as the Mazda Genuine Parts.

Mazda Original Oil

Mazda Original Oil is specially tested for the respective engine to meet the stringent requirements of Mazda standards. For this reason we recommend to use Mazda Original Oil at all times. It contains special additives to reduce friction which is a cause for energy loss and engine wear. Therefore, Mazda Original Oil will not only give your Mazda a favourable fuel economy and CO2 emission level, but ensure engine protection and Mazda driving performance.