Mazda6 Tourer

New Mazda6 Tourer

Innovation and power in a high-spec tourer

The Mazda6 Tourer with SKYACTIV Technology offers an exceptional drive that combines power and performance with impressively low fuel economy. New KODO - Soul of Motion design features enhance the tourer’s athletic look, while the stylish interior provides a comfortable place to enjoy the road ahead.

The latest MZD Connect – our mobile connectivity system – let you access Facebook and Twitter safely and conveniently. While advanced i-ACTIVSENSE safety technologies respond to changes in road conditions for added protection.


An athletic exterior created by KODO design. The Mazda6 Tourer body styling is a dynamic evolution of our KODO - Soul of Motion design theme, provoking an emotional response from everyone who sees it.

KODO design is inspired by the fluid motion and agile power of animals like the cheetah. With a strong stance that’s reminiscent of a big cat ready to leap into action, it conveys vitality and energy – it’s an invitation to enter and enjoy the drive ahead. The front sets the tone for the sense of motion – the basis of KODO design. The signature wings curve around the bottom of the upper grille, emphasising the sculpted appearance.

The angular headlights give a cat-like look and purposeful expression as the tourer approaches, enhanced by sharp lines above and below. Bold horizontal lines across the upper grille enhance the sense of strength. Sleek body styling and lean contours reinforce the sense of movement. A low-profile shark-fin antenna accentuates the tourer’s muscular rear. The angled light and eye-catching use of chrome further strengthens the dynamic design.


MZD Connect enhances the high quality interior

The Mazda6 Tourer interior is an extremely comfortable and connected place to be. It includes the latest MZD Connect technology – our mobile connectivity system – that lets you safely check Facebook or Twitter via your smartphone. Among many other innovations, there’s an Electric Parking Brake (EPB) for one-touch control when parking and a new rear seat warmer for cooler days. Each innovation is set among high quality design, materials and ergonomics, so you enjoy a sense of harmony and space.

An integrated approach to design and craftsmanship in every detail makes the interior feel luxurious. It’s spacious, comfortable and refined. The Active Driving Display is set directly above the instrument panel. So you can keep an eye on your speed and navigation instructions, while keeping your attention on the road. Platinum grade.The comfortable, ergonomic interior provides generous space and legroom for both front and rear passengers. It’s available with fabric or leather seats depending on the grade you choose. The interior leather seat colour is now available in Stone leather as an option on the Platinum grade.


A high performance drive with SKYACTIV Technology

SKYACTIV Technology delivers low levels of fuel consumption with high levels of driving excitement. Together with the light, strong body and smooth ride, the Mazda6 Tourer offers agile handling that makes light work of city streets and twisting roads. For added responsiveness on demand, Drive Selection offers two drive modes for you to choose from.

Enhancements in the suspension and innovations in sound insulation make the cabin a quieter and more comfortable place to be, so even long motorway journeys are more enjoyable.

SKYACTIV-D 2.2 litre has the world's lowest compression ratio among diesel engines, with nimble acceleration that defies conventional diesel engines. Available in 150 PS. With the SKYACTIV-D 2.2 litre you can have a six-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission. The SKYACTIV-D 2.2 litre diesel engine is available with a six-speed automatic transmission which is economical to drive with smooth and fast gearshifts.

Safety & Environment

Advanced safety technology with i-ACTIVSENSE

This car’s superb safety performance starts with the SKYACTIV body shell that’s incredibly light and strong. The Mazda6 Tourer builds on its strong foundations and maximum Euro NCAP five star rating with i-ACTIVSENSE, a comprehensive suite of active safety features. The Adaptive Front lighting System on the Platinum grade swivels your lights into corners so night time driving is safer for you and for people on the roads and Smart City Brake Support from the Executive SE grade helps to greatly reduce rear end collisions in slow traffic.

Leading environmental performance, fuel economy and low CO2 emissions

The Mazda6 Tourer uses our full range of SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY to achieve an outstanding environmental performance and fuel efficiency without impacting the pleasure of your driving experience.

Our cutting-edge SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY engines and transmissions, i-ELOOP and i-stop systems (see more below) dovetail with the light yet strong SKACTIV-BODY shell to place this car among the leaders in fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. Yet it still provides comparable or better power than other cars in the segment. So we've again defied convention by creating a car with an advanced environmental performance – without impacting the driving performance.

Designed to help keep you safe and to minimize the risk of low-speed collisions, the system monitors the gap and closing speed of the vehicle in front, automatically braking if a collision is likely at speeds up to approximately 30 km/h. The feature uses radar sensors to help reduce the impact of or prevent a collision when reversing towards an obstacle at up to approximately 8 km/h. ^From Executive SE Grade. This is our first car to feature i-ELOOP, a system we developed to power the electrics using energy generated when the car decelerates. i-ELOOP contributes to a significant fuel economy improvement – especially as our unconventional capacitor stores and releases electricity more quickly, efficiently and durably than other systems.

Around 10% of an engine’s power is usually converted to electricity to power a car’s electrics. With i-ELOOP, the engine doesn’t have to create electricity while propelling the car. And with 100% of engine power used for propulsion, this improves the car’s fuel efficiency and environmental performance.

The i-ELOOP display on your dashboard (right-hand display) shows how much electricity you’re generating when you decelerate, and how much charge you have.

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