Introducing the star of the 2017 Detroit Motor Show | The New Kia Stinger

Those lucky enough to attend the Detroit Motor Show this past month were treated to a sneak preview of what is to come by the Korean motor giants, Kia. The highly anticipated build up was certainly lived up to when Kia revealed a stunning red coloured sports saloon vehicle named........The Stinger! Quite a bold name if we say so ourselves while demonstrating Kia's vision of rivaling the sports saloon market vehicles such as the BMW 3 Series. Although it has not been made clear as to when the Stinger will arrive in Ireland, we do anticipate it to be early 2018 and quite like the evolution of what we think looks like a Kia Optima that belongs on an F1 track..

Kia Stinger Options

A car sporty enough to belong in a Fast & Furious movie is sure to have plenty of cool extras and engine choices available and this is certainly the case with the Kia Stinger. The Stinger marks the first piece of the design work by Kia's new head of chassis development, Albert Biermann and is certainly a statement of intent for their new car range.

Currently available are two options: a 2.0-litre, turbocharged four-cylinder engine and a 3.3-litre twin-turbo V6 engine boasting a sub-6 secs 0-100km/h time. Talks have emerged that a Diesel engine will be released next year and is sure to be the obvious options for Irish consumers as a 2.2 litre option. While the car will the car will come in rear-wheel drive, Kia have made exceptions for the US market by building an all-wheel drive option to accommodate the high levels of snow.

In summary, there is no doubting that 2017 and even 2018 promise to be exciting years for the Kia brand and it's customers. With the launch of it's first ever hybrid vehicle in 2016, the Kia Niro and the sleek Kia Optima Sportswagon, the brand has has shown intent to diversify into different markets.

On a personal note, we opened our new, state of the art showroom, demonstrating our commitment to Kia brand and our intent to grow the brands name even more so here in Ireland. The new design allows you to view the new Kia range or our approved used car range in a 5 star experience. What better place the explore true innovation than Joe Duffy Kia?