Kia Rio

Rule your time with the all-new Kia Rio

You have only one life, one very busy life. But there are times in your life when you can live the way you want. And that’s why the Kia Rio is here to embrace these exciting times together with you. Get in and live by your rules.

Fit for the city

Start your engine and let the Kia Rio surprise you. The smooth handling will make your driving experience the most enjoyable and engaging that it has ever been.

​Inner beauty

Experience the brand new interior design of the Kia Rio. It has one of the most spacious cabins of any car in its class, with cargo capacity of 325L. The fourth generation Kia Rio now comes with a more driver-focused dashboard.

Strikingly individual

Is your mouth open and you aren’t blinking? Then, you are probably looking at the Kia Rio right now. Its sharp and progressive exterior immediately catches the eye with clearly defined straight lines and smooth surfacing that give the car more distinctive and confident look. Okay, you can blink now.

Keep Your Finger On The Pulse

Time never waits. Neither does technological progress. So, we made sure that the Kia Rio is catching up with the latest innovations! The car comes with a new infotainment system, furnished with a high-resolution floating 5” (EX models) or 7" (Platinum model) touchscreen display to seamlessly control audio, navigation and connectivity systems. Feel free to drive connected!

Android Auto & Apple CarPlay

Smartphone compatibility? Just name your brand! You can easily access your phone’s apps through the in-car infotainment system in the high spec Platinum model. . What for? Voice-guided map navigation, hands-free calls and texts, and voice recognition. Smart, right?

Tangible Intelligence

Smart is sexy! Even the most experienced drivers won’t mind the helping hand of our intelligent features. The Kia Rio is prepared to assist you when you face challenges in your day-to-day driving situations, making your ride more comfortable and safe.

Auto Light Control

Control your headlamps without even thinking about them. When activated, this smart feature detects the brightness of the car’s surroundings, and when it is getting dark or bright, it automatically turns the lights on and off.


Discover Drive Wise technologies  - the future of Kia's driving and assistive technologies. Designed to improve on-road safety and enable owners to focus more on the pleasures of driving.

Autonomous Emergency Braking System

It’s essential to stay alert while driving. But it’s much more comforting when your car does, too. The Kia Rio is equipped with Autonomous Emergency Braking System, a smart safety system that constantly monitors the road. It detects pedestrians and other vehicles, activating the emergency braking in case of imminent collision. Roads can be dangerous, but with the Kia Rio you are never alone. (EX ADAS model only).

Kia 7-year Warranty: Having passed rigorous tests for reliability and durability, we’re proud to offer the Rio with our industry-leading warranty, just like all Kia models every Kia benefits from a 7-year/150,000 km new car warranty.

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