Demystifying The New Jaguar E-PACE SUV 2018

From €36,000*

E-Pace, a smaller version of its bigger brother F-Pace, is a compact SUV with a cheeky character, dynamic design and assertive look. Fondly nicknamed a ‘Jaguar cub’, E-Pace is expected to follow the footsteps of F-Pace, which up till now is the ultimate best seller, currently generating nearly half of the brand’s sales. It’s almost certain the new E-Pace is going to win some hearts as everybody seems to be raving about this model already. What’s its secret then? Stunning exterior combined with practicality and smart design is destined to get the thumbs up, especially from millennials. Let’s get down to the bottom of what makes this car a real contender in the SUV lineup. What technology hides behind the agility of this newest Jaguar SUV?

Jaguar E-Pace2.jpg

The Engine

The mighty power of this sporty SUV comes from the lightweight 4-cylinder ingenium engines. The power will range from 2 litre 148 horsepower diesel to 2 litre turbo petrol with either 246 or 296 horsepower, which was designed with more demanding drivers in mind. The 296bhp can go from 0–100 km/h in 6.4 seconds and the 246bhp can do it in seven seconds. The two lower powered diesels come in six-speed manual whereas the nine-speed automatic transmission will be available with the rest of the range, sounds like a dream!

The InControl Touch Screen Panel

The sporty interior of the car is flawlessly designed, with luxurious and comfy feel, featuring high definition, 10 inch InControl touch screen and 12.3 inch digital instrument panel. If you don’t know where you’re heading and need directions there will be no need to take your eyes off the road as the Head-Up display will project key information onto the windscreen using the cutting edge laser technology, how cool is that?

Jaguar Drive Control

E-Pace can be customised to suit your own character, style and mood, you can basically make the car more ‘You’ by switching through different drive modes. If you are after a sportier drive, a bit more responsive, go for dynamic mode. Eco mode screams efficiency by adjusting the settings to reduce fuel consumption and inspiring canny riding style. Winter mode is brilliant for wet and icy roads by putting the main focus on the E-Pace’s stability.



For all those out there that can’t imagine driving without a good soundtrack, E-Pace will surprise you with fashionable and swanky high tech Meridian Audio system. And for those that are forced to entertain naughty kids at the back seat, the Meridian Surround system can be used to play interesting audiobooks, win win.


Wifi, the most important piece of tech that so many of us can’t seem to live without. Good news, E-Pace has an inbuilt wifi hotspot that provides connectivity for up to 8 devices at the same time! Bye Bye to endless quarrels and chatter, everyone can be entertained and enjoy the relaxing drive. It will give you access to apps like Spotify and Shell’s FILL UP & Go so that you can pay for fuel from the comfort of your own car. Say hello to five USB charging ports, a tablet and smartphone holder, a SIM card slot and an HDMI port, additional points for practicality.


Safety first! E-Pace will be equipped with the latest, cutting edge technology to make sure everyone’s safe on the road. Featuring emergency braking with pedestrian detection, lane keeping assist to keep your car well aligned, traffic sign recognition and all round parking sensors to make the parking effortless, quick and enjoyable. That’s not all, rear traffic monitor will warn you of any cars, pedestrians or unexpected risks coming from either side of the car.

Innovative Technology

If that wasn’t enough, this five-door, five-seater introduces some amazing innovative, wearable technology. Forget about misplacing your keys and wasting hours to find them. Wherever you go and whatever you do, E-Pace lets you use an Activity Key, that looks just like a wristband, to lock and unlock your car. You can leave your regular key safely disabled inside the car and go surfing, quad biking, kayaking or rock climbing, whatever floats your boat. Your Activity Key will be with you all the way. Another pretty interesting innovation is Gesture Control. If you have your hands full (let’s say after a massive shopping spree), gesture control allows you to open the boot of your car just by raising your foot to sensors located under the rear bumper.

E-Pace.jpgRide Comfort

E-Pace gives you a perfect sporty / SUV combo that feels sturdy, agile and stable, you are in control! This stylish, progressive and family-friendly car’s suspension relies on a refined multi-link rear design. E-Pace comes as a front or all-wheel-drive and is delightfully fun to drive. It will be perfect on city roads but think twice before you take it to the jungle, not sure it's designed for that! Nevertheless, it’s equipped with a large panoramic sunroof, you know you can just buckle your seat belts and enjoy the ride.

The Jaguar E-Pace is a serious contender for the best compact SUV of 2018. The combination of class, style and sports performance will be hard to beat, and the competition will be hard pressed to match Jaguar’s latest sports utility vehicle offer.

E-PACE will arrive at Joe Duffy Jaguar this December 2017! Look out for our forthcoming showroom preview event.

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