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Powerful, agile and distinctive. The F-TYPE is a true Jaguar sports car, engineered for high performance and instantaneously responsive handling – the latest in a distinguished bloodline. We can’t just call it F-TYPE, we have to make it F-TYPE. F-TYPE R & F-TYPE R AWD deliver supercar levels of performance combined with advanced dynamic technologies for the ultimate driver-focused experience.

F-TYPE’s beating heart is supercharged – delivering high levels of torque at all engine speeds, minimising the gap between the driver’s demand for power and the engine’s response. Three advanced engines provide the perfect choice to suit your personal driving style, whether you're in the mood to cruise or drive hard.

A front splitter beneath the grille and rear venture manage airflow along the underside, while a deployable rear spoiler automatically rises at higher speeds to reduce lift by up to 120kg. Even the door handles retract when not required, their flush design creating an uninterrupted air flow along F-TYPE’s flanks.


F-TYPE’s powerful shape and beautiful proportions reveal its breeding, the latest in Jaguar’s iconic bloodline of high performance sports cars.

It is, in part, sculpted by the wind itself, formed with Jaguar’s state-of-the-art aerodynamic modelling technology.

Aerodynamic performance is seamlessly integrated into the body for low levels of lift and excellent stability at high speed.


F-TYPE’s interior conveys a combination of functional ergonomics with sporting style through its precisely considered cockpit architecture, its simple controls and its clear instrumentation. It is designed to put the driver first and, with a wide choice of interior colours and textures, is an opportunity for individual expression.

Instruments are simple, clear and easy to read featuring two large analogue dials – essential in a sports car. The three-spoke design of the steering wheel incorporates key functions for ease of control. On automatic models, paddles mounted behind the steering wheel allow you to select gears sequentially with your fingertips without taking your hands from the wheel.


F‑TYPE’s strong, lightweight aluminium body is the perfect platform for a sports car. It allows the finely-tuned double wishbone suspension system to deliver precise control, and is the perfect complement to F‑TYPE’s high-performance engine range. Together they produce exceptional power-to-weight and torque-to-weight ratios – the real world measures of sports car performance.


Jaguar’s exclusive Carbon Ceramic Braking system is optional on F‑TYPE S, F‑TYPE R and F‑TYPE SVR. The most powerful braking system ever fitted to a Jaguar road car, it offers up to 21kg of weight saving. With greater resistance to fade and wear it delivers high levels of sustained performance in the most demanding conditions.


F‑TYPE’s All Wheel Drive (AWD) system offers performance with perfect poise, delivering confident handling on all surfaces. Available with Quickshift automatic transmissions, it makes F‑TYPE S AWD, F‑TYPE R AWD and F‑TYPE SVR the most capable of sports cars.


F-TYPE’s aluminium body creates an immensely stable platform from which the all-round forged aluminium double wishbone suspension can control the car. With the damping set-up optimised for the best partnership between dynamics and refinement, it gives the perfect combination of control, agility and feedback for a supremely comfortable ride.

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