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Joe Duffy Ford supports Citi's Environmental Expo 2018

24 | May | 2018

We were delighted to support Citi as they promoted environmental awareness to their 2,500 staff members. We found the luxurious Ford Mondeo Vignale HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) was a perfect fit to for the exhibition. The Mondeo HEV is a conventional hybrid system, meaning you don’t have to plug it in and there’s no limitations to the range traveled.

The powerful and highly efficient petrol engine is designed for longer journeys. The smart technology learns when to switch to electric, for example, when you’re close to home. Whichever option you take, Regenerative Braking is an ingenious technology that captures up to 90% of energy normally lost through friction brakes, recycling it to recharge the battery. This helps achieve maximum energy efficiency when you’re on the move.

Ciarán McMahon, Chairman and Managing Director of Ford Ireland, said:

As this is the first hybrid vehicle launched by Ford in Ireland, this is an important step for us. We are sure that the Mondeo HEV will meet the needs of the customers who are looking for a more environmentally-friendly car but who do not want to compromise on space, driving dynamics, driving range and comfort.

As part of the 182 Clean Up Offer, the Ford Mondeo Vignale is now available with 4.9% APR*.

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